Miniature PTFE float switch

We have decided to offer this float switch as a separate item because this switch has performed so well over the past two years that we have been using it in most of our products.  

 This switch very versatile as it fits in very tight spaces, you don’t have to worry about the temperature, or chemical attack.  Why pay $50 for a standard PP float switch from catalogue companies when you can have PTFE for a little bit more?

The only downside to think about is the density of 0.85 S.G..  No problem if you are using it in water-based liquids, but might be too heavy in fuels or solvents.

  • Temperature rating performs up to 260C
  • ultra-miniature only 17 mm diameter
  • S.G. = 0.85
  • Reversible
  • Current = 50VA

For ordering information please visit our webpage here.  These are always in stock and ship same day if ordered before 4 PM.

miniature Teflon float switch
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