Tank Fill Device

Semi-automatic tank filling device (pump-up controller) fills tanks to a pre-determined level by pressing a button; the tank fill will start a pump or solenoid to fill the tank to the level of the float switch located in the bottom of the pipe.  Saves time by not tying an operator to stand by the tank while if fills.  Prevents overfilling of tanks.

There is a second float switch which is an emergency overfill alarm.  If the level reaches this float, the buzzer sounds and LED flashes, and there is a redundant valve shutoff.


The depth of the fill point is adjustable by hand by loosening the thumbscrew and sliding the pipe to the appropriate depth.  Maximum working depth of float switch is 10 inches below the mount.

Plugs into AC power and controls a solenoid valve or pump.  We stock ASCO red hat solenoid valves because its the most common brand, but we will connect to any valve you specify or supply by request.

Polypropylene pipe and float switch is Double float switchimpervious to most chemicals.  Its protected inside our unique float guard that eliminates the cause of float failures which is mechanical interference or damage.  There are two float switches: one turns off the solenoid valve when the tank is filled, the high float switch is an emergency shutoff and alarm.

Red Hat brand valve is pre-wired to the unit with 10 ft SJOOW (rubber-jacketed) cord. Select valve size in ordering options in the order box below.

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Tank Fill with solenoid valve included

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