TANK LEVEL ALARM responds to high or low liquid level with a bright flashing LED and a loud buzzer.



Better Tank Level Control…
  • Always on duty because it uses uninterruptible battery power. Battery lasts for years.

  • Loud warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.

  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.

  • Reliable float switch is protected inside a pipe.

  • Safe. 9 volt circuit in a waterproof enclosure.
  • No wetted metal parts.

  • Low battery alert is built in.

  • Different behaviors built-in. Tank-filling mode, snooze alarm.

THE TANK LEVEL ALARM prevents overfilling of liquids. Very easy to install – just screw the tank-mount into the tank fitting.  Battery powered units need no wiring, no electricians. 

Uninterruptible battery power works through power failures, can’t come unplugged, or be defeated. And because the Tank Alarms don’t use any power until alarming, the batteries last for years.  Discussion about batteries  Nevertheless, we offer wired solutions when needed.

Easy to adjust the depth of the Tank Level Alarms – just loosen the compression fitting by hand and slide the level alarm to the correct depth. Adapters for any mounting situation. (2″ NPT, bolt-on flange, bulkhead feedthrough etc.

Float switch is protected inside a pipe. This protection of the level float is unique feature of Gizmo Engineering level alarms. Screw-on float guard allows inspection of the float.  For liquids with solids, debris, we offer an optional screened-in float guard.

Weatherproof enclosure – PVC enclosure is rated IP65. (NEMA4X)  High-visibility beacon LED is clearly visible outdoors.  Buzzer is very loud – like a smoke alarm.

Push button to test the battery or to silence the alarm is included.  Different modes are field settable.

  • In the default mode, the LED to continues to flash after the button is pressed to silence the buzzer. (snooze alarm)
  • The snooze can be disabled.
  • In the tank-filling mode the LED and buzzer both turn off until the next high level event. (resets itself automatically)

Different models

Polypropylene models have polypropylene pipe and a PTFE float switch.

PVDF models have all Kynar pipe and the same PTFE float switch.

Stainless steel tank level alarms also available – please contact us.

Any Depth. Standard level alarm are available up to 60″ in 10″ increments.  TH-PP-10 has a working depth of 10 inches for example.  Depths referred to are working depths which means the distance that the alarm extends into the tank not counting the electronics enclosure. Custom depths have been made 20 feet deep.

Everything Included
Lithium battery is included.

Includes a threaded reducing bushing to adapt the 1″ NPT compression fitting threads to 2″ NPT. If you are mounting through a hole, ask for a PVC retaining nut (1″ NPT)   We have mounted these on just about any tank or vessel imaginable. See other mounting options section below.  If you don’t see what you need, please call!a


Some Chemicals Commonly Used With Gizmo Engineering Tank Alarms:
  • Aqueous Ammonia (conc.)
  • Aqueous solutions to 100°C
  • Chromic acid (50%, Rm. Temp)
  • Glycolic acid
  • Hydrochloric acid (conc.)
  • Nitric acid (30%)
  • Oils (including waste oils)
  • Potassium carbonate (40%)
  • Polyester resin (viscous)
  • Sodium hydroxide (50%)
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Sodium Hypochlorite

chemical resistance chart



Order Here

PP Tank Alarm
Depth Float OrientationNotes
PVDF TankAlarm

PVDF float and pipe

Working DeptFloat orientation Notes
Stainless Steel Tank Alarm

316 SS float and pipe

Working depth Float OrientationMounting Size Notes


Remote Button Box

A button box connected by 10ft of cable so slience/testing can be done in convenient locations.
[AB-remote] $69

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

Wireless transmitter inside the level alarm sends a wireless signal to the receiver. Buzzer and relay in receiver. more info
[w2] $175

Relay Output with Cord

Switches a relay to control pumps or solenoids etc. Silences & tests alarm. Piggyback plug makes hookup easy. Instructions here
[RL-AC] $78

AC Power Cord

When plug-in AC power is preferred. Comes with 3-prong plug and 8-foot rubber-jacketed cord. Power convertor inside box.
[C-NA] $36

Accessories - Beacon-colors.jpgAlternate Color LED

Default color is red. Amber, Blue, green, and white are options.   [BL-x]    $11


20 Year Battery

Lithium thionyl chloride chemistry has a self-discharge rate half of that of Ultralife LiMNO2 – standby life 20 years. battery info
[B-20] $18

Different Buzzer Tones

Different buzzer tonesto audibly identifydifferentunits. Hear the  different tone types here
[BZ-xx] $18

Tone Type
PLC Output

A circuit board allows you to select N.C. or N.O. output to your PLC. Includes button to silence buzzer. Includes 10ft of communications cable.
[PLC] $68

Circular Connector

For products that us a cable, this connector makes it easy to disconnect. Also easy to snake through tight places when installing.
[CN-1]   $36.00

Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard length. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability, Eight stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C-8] $0.58/ft

Rim Mount Bracket

A bracket designed for mounting on open top tanks and containers. 1.3 inch dia. hole accepts adjustable collar.
[MB-R] $34

Mounting Options

Adapt to your tank from the 1″ NPT cord grip.


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