HERE ARE SOME CUSTOMIZATIONS WE HAVE BEEN ASKED TO MAKE. We strive to acommodate the needs of our customers which has produced these interesting variations of our timers.

triple timer


  • Three independent timer in one enclosure allows the operator to choose the appropriate time cycle.  The cycles can be running concurrently.  If any of the cycles reach the end, the buzzer and beacon activate.  The appropriate button illuminates when a timing cycle is active.  Each time cycle can produce a relay output if needed.

Dairy Timer

  • Dairy production places unique demands on timers. This one is constructed from a heavier-duty box with 4.5mm wall thickness and impact tested to -40ºC/F. High level of ingress protection to resist even the wetting of the biocide dip used in dairy applications.

Dual Timer

  • This customer wanted a dual cycle timer with both timers independent of each other. (hence the two beacon LEDs – one for each timer)

Keylock Switch

  • This timer was supplied to the TV show “Deadliest Catch”. They wanted a timer that only people with keys could activate.  Still waterproof even with key.

T5 with Footpedal Switch

  • Timer is activated with footpedal or front button.

BeaconLED on Bottom

  • A customer in the dairy industry wanted this configuration because the beacon would not be visible on top of the timer box.
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