New Digital Timer Modes – ON delay and machine hour count

Updates to the timer firmware

We have added modes 9 and 10 to provide machine-totalizer and an on-delay capabilities. We have updated the PCB to allow for 16 possible modes. A DIP switch will replace the jumper pins.

Mode 9  totals the run-time on machines.  Can count up or down.  When counting down, it gives a short alarm when the set time is reached, and continues to chirp every 5 minutes until reset with teh front button.  The run-time can be initiated by a switch (MSw input) or else the prescence/absence of power.  This is useful for machines that need service when they reach a certain runtime.

Mode 10 is an on-delay.  Set the delay time by holding the 3 buttons simultaneously.  The timer then displays the set time while indicating that it is on delay mode by flashing the dots on the display.  When 

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