Out products span many different unrelated industries and so where possible we prefer to have sales representatives  with specific expertise in certain industries.  The industries we divide our representatives along are are Electroplating and General Industrial.  We sell directly always but if you want a demonstration, all the representatives listed below are equipped with sample products and will be happy to give you a demonstration.


Luster-On distributes metal finishing chemistries and plating equipment. They distribute our products for us in the plating industry in the midwest.
Contact Les Gonzalves   773-368-4932
Chicago, IL

Electroplating Consultants is known for their expertise in metal finishing chemistries in TX, OK, MO, KS.
Office 918-455-4411
Jeff Guernsey cell 918-630-5228
Broken Arrow, OK

Since 1952 we have been supplying complete turnkey equipment and waste treatment systems for automatic or manual metal finishing applications.

Contact Tom Barrow.

JPS Technologies distributes a full line of equipment for plating, printed circuits, rotogravure.
Cinncinnatti OH  (513) 984-6400

Mid Carolina Supply distributes a full line of plating equipment, and represents our equipment in the area shown in the map.

logo - MTEQ

MTEQ based in Vancouver D.C. fspecializes in equipment for the plating industry but also spans many other industries as well.

Stephan Moeri

Map - Bc, Alberta, WA wide


Central States Group represents our products in industries other than plating.

Biofuels, chemical processing, power , construction, food & beverage, manufacturing.

Lune Industries Logo

(formerly AOD TEch)

General process equipment.  Background in electroplating.

Roberto Muniz 203-451-7395

C.A. Briggs is known for process controls on the east coast.

Reliable Equipment

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