INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION TIMER counts up or down from the time you set, then it beeps and flashes an alarm. 

Digital Factory timer - powered

Reliable Timing…

  • Waterproof meant for tough industrial environments.
  • Loud 103dB warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.
  • Simple. Easy to use like a kitchen timer.


  • Compact enclosure measures only 5 x 5 inches.


  • High current capacity.  15 A relay output.
  • Many operating modes to choose from.If you need it, its probably built-in.


  • Many options to add instant automation to your process.

Automate processes with this industrial production timer. Can be either manually activated with the push button, or connected to machinery to automatically start and stop machines. It is easy to program with only three pushbuttons. once started, it counts down the cycle you set and then resets to the same time for the next cycle. When the cycle is completed, a very loud warbling buzzer sounds and the red beacon LED flashes. Control of devices is conveniently done simply by plugging into the piggyback cord. 


Simply press the front green button to start and stop the time. The blue buttons adjust the time up or down.  Once the countdown time reaches zero, the timer then counts the overrun upwards so you know how long the timer has been alarming. To cancel the alarm, just press the button again. this is the default mode. (mode #1) There are many more that can be chosen using the DIP switches inside the enclosure.

An Early warning alert consists of a two-second beep and then an indication on the LED you choose for the T5.  (must will be the yellow LED on models with stack lights)

The maximum time can be set to either 99 minutes, or 99 hours. (the default for this is 99 minutes which is with switch 1 to the right) 

In addition, here are many other modes that can be selected with switches inside the box.

  • Mode 1(default) counts down from the set time. Cycle can be cancelled by holding the start button. If time is set to zero then it counts upsee video
  • Mode 2 like mode 1 but does not allow cancellation.
  • Mode 3 is for triggering the time cycle mechanically with a contact close (like a proximity switch) that remains closed throughout the countdown. video link here
  • Mode 4 allows pausing and re-starting the cycle until the time accumulates to set value.    video link here
  • Mode 5 stops automatically at the end of cycle. video link here
  • Mode 6 provides an early warning on the beacon LED.   see video
  • Mode 7 is a guard duty that requires the start button to pressed continually or else an alarm sounds (cycle repeats indefinitely).
  • Mode 8 is especially for spray rinses in plating operations.  see video
  • Mode 9 is an machine run-time countdown.  video link here
  • Mode 10 is an on-delay.  video link here
  • Mode 11 is a repeat cycle. video link here
  • Mode 12 is an off-delay for the relay.
Electronic timer PCB


  • Waterproof, corrosion-proof  This industrial timer was built for the plating industry to take acid fumes, caustic chemicals, washdown.  IP65 enclosure makes this suitable for wet, production floors, industry, or outdoors.
  • Backlit display.
  • The loudest buzzer on a timer we know of.  Different buzzer tones available.  Listen to the different tones here.
  • Relay built-in controls other devices up to 15 A by simply plugging into a piggyback cord.  Choice of N.O or N.C. relay output.


These timers are designed to be connected to switches. Of the switches available, we like inductive proximity switches for industrial environments because they are immune to dirt buildup and very durable, very repeatable. However these timers can be used with any type of switch with a contact close. In mode #3, when a switch begins the timing cycle, the timer expects it to stay “closed” for the duration of the cycle.  At the end of the timing cycle, the alarm will sound, and then the switch must be un-switched in order to stop the alarm. This is perfect for controlling the time a rack stays in plating tanks for example.


  • T5 has (blue) buttons on the outside of the enclosure to set the time. Also has internal buttons to set time.
  • T5X has the same internal buttons to set time, but no external buttons. (for when you don’t want operators to be able to adjust the time)
  • T5-S3 includes a triple stack LED only 30mm diameter. Time is set with external buttons.
  • T5X-S3 includes a triple stack LED only 30mm diameter.  Time is set with Internal buttons.
miniature stack LED on timer
Waterproof Digital Timer

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Set time easily with external buttons.  Also has internal buttons.




Set time with internal buttons so the set time can’t be tampered with. There are no blue buttons on the outside to set time.




Waterproof timer with stack LED

AC timer with miniature stack light included.
Choose to set time with external or internal buttons.  $388
Time-setting buttons (blue)


Magnetic Mount

Four powerful magnets on the feet allow the units to be mounted on metal surfaces like ovens. Rubber-coated for friction so the timer stays put.

Accessories - Beacon-colors.jpgAlternate Color LED

Default color is red. Amber, Blue, green, and white are options.   
[BL-A] [BL-B] [BL-G] [BL-W]  $11

Red Hat brand with 10 ft SJOOW cord standard.  Comes wired to the timer with a rubber-covered cord.
Pipe size
Cord length if other than 10'
Stainless solenoid valveSOLENOID VALVE – STAINLESS
US Solid brand with 10 ft SJOOW (rubber jacketed) cord standard.  Comes wired to the timer.

Telescoping Mounting Bracket In some situations, mounting the proximity switch vertically makes sense. This telescoping mounting bracket makes it easy to anchor to the lip of a tank, and then bring the proximity switch up to the correct height.  Pre-drilled holes accept ¼-20 screws. Standard height adjustment range 4-8″.  (click on the image for dimensions)


+ $35

The inductive proximity sensor senses any metal surface as from a rack, and Proxmity sensor with timerwill automatically start and stop the timing cycle.  When positioned close to a rack saddle, it can detect as far away as 40 mm. Inductive proximity sensing is the best sensing method for dirty environments because it is unaffected by any amount of dirt over the sensor. 
10 foot cable.   video


+ $175
Buzzer Volume Control

Sometimes our buzzers are too loud.  Snap-on “muffler” reduces the volume by 20 db and anywhere in between just by rotating the slots. [VM-1]     + $6

Different Buzzer Tones

Different buzzer tones to audibly identify different units. Hear the different tone types here. [BZ-xx]     $18  

Tone Type

International Power

The electronics are automatically ready to accept voltages up to 240VAC. All that is needed to run from voltages other than 120VAC, is the right plug.  Choose from the plug adapters below according to your needs.



Calibration Certificate

NIST traceable calibration by an independent laboratory.  Our specification is 0.05% tolerance.  Certificate will be shipped with the timer and include actual test times for the timer being calibrated.  Certificates are also available online through our lab’s website.  lab link here 
[CAL-1] $75