Here is a list of the types of plug adapters we keep in stock. 

Euro plug adapter

  • ITA Type F
  • used almost everywhere in Europe & Russia, except for the UK & Ireland
  • 2 pins
  • grounded
  • 16 A
  • 220 – 240 V
  • socket compatible with plug types C, E & F

UK (with ground)


  • mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China & Argentina
  • 2 or 3 pins
  • 2 pins: not grounded / 3 pins: grounded
  • 10 A
  • 220 – 240 V
  • socket compatible with plug type I

India / Africa

  • ITA Type D
  • 3 pins
  • grounded
  • 6 A
  • 220 – 240 V
  • socket compatible with plug type D (partial and unsafe compatibility with C, E & F)

There are a total of 15 plug types worldwide. (full list here)  Each plug type has been assigned an arbitrary letter by the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA), starting with A and moving through the alphabet.

We prefer using plug adapters because that way we can use our standard high-quality SJOOW cord. In the past we used to carry cords with a molded plug for each country, but they proved to be hard to get, subject to supply disruptions, too short, and rarely could we get them in anything other than an SJT jacket. (the cheap PVC type that won’t stay in place)

If you are in a country with a different plug type not shown above, please contact us and we’ll try to find an adapter for it.