The DUAL LEVEL TANK LEVEL ALARM with produces different alarms for each level point.  Bright flasher and loud alarm when either point is reached.
Liquid level dual alarm
Better Tank Level Control…
  • Always on duty because it uses uninterruptible battery power that lasts for years.
  • Loud warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.
  • Uninterruptible battery power lasts for years. Lithium battery included. Lasts for years.
  • Power save circuitry switch allows battery alarm continuously for weeks.
  • No wetted metal parts.
  • Choice of power. Battery, 12VDC, 24VDC or AC power option.

THE DUAL TANK ALARM or two-point alarm has two adjustable float switches to provide two alarm points.  Each float switch is protected inside a float guard. Either float switch can respond to high or low liquid level since they are reversible. If either float switch is activated, a loud buzzer sounds with flashing LED. 

Easily adjust able depth with no tools – just loosen the thumbscrew and slide either level probe to the desired depth.  Each is easily adjustable by loosening a thumbscrew.

The buzzer can be silenced by pressing the pushbutton while the LED continues to flash until the liquid level is corrected. Snooze alarm every 30 minutes thereafter until the level is corrected. Resets automatically when level is corrected.  Other modes of operation that can be selected with DIP switches:

  • No snooze alarm
  • “Tank filling” mode where the LED and buzzer shut off when the button is prssed.
  • Output delayed 15 minutes.
  • Relay output
  • Auto or manual reset after and alarm

Power save feature allows the unit to alarm continuously for nearly one month!  (The PCB limits the alarming to 60 minutes of full output, and if the alarm is ignored, then the alarm output is reduced to 6 seconds every 30 minutes)

Float switches are protected inside the pipes. Removable float guard allows inspection of the float. 

Weatherproof – all NEMA 4X construction. Suitable for outdoor use.

Easy to install – no electrical wiring with battery version. Battery life is typically a number of years. Further discussion.

 Uninterruptible battery power works through power failures, can’t come unplugged, or be defeated. And, because the Tank Alarms don’t use any power until alarming, the batteries last for years.  Line-powered units also available, please call us for more information.

Materials: polypropylene is standard, and PVDF, or stainless steel is available. see chemical resistance charts.

Any Depth. Specify depths you want at checkout. This is a made-to-order product and so you can specify the depth you needed for each level probe.

Everything Included
Includes a 10-year lithium battery and threaded 2 inch NPT mounting plug.

Two Point Tank alarm with shutoff

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Two Point Tank Alarm

Polypropylene from $317

Depth of longest pipe
Short probe depth (default 8")
Two Point Tank Alarm

PVDF from $671

Depth of longest pipe
Short probe depth (default 8")


Remote Button BoxRemote Box


A button box connected by 10ft of cable so silence/testing can be done in convenient locations.
[AB-remote] $69

Relay Output CordRelay Output with Cord

Switches a relay to control pumps or solenoids etc. Silences & tests alarm. Piggyback plug makes hookup easy. Instructions here
[RL-AC] $78

WIFI communication.WiFi module

Sends a message to your email or text message to your phone. Easy setup. No recurring fees. More info.

[WF-1]     $185  

Circular Connectorcircular connector

This connector makes it easy to disconnect. Also easy to snake through tight places when installing.
[CN-1]   $36

PLC Output

A circuit board allows you to select N.C. or N.O. relay output to your PLC. Input 24VDC from your PLC, dry contact output. For other voltages or outputs please contact us. Includes silence feature for the buzzer. Includes 10ft of communications cable. more info  
[PLC1] $84

Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard length of 10 feet that’s included. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability. Four stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C4] $1.28/ft

Rim Mount Bracket

A bracket designed forLiquid level dual alarm mounting on open top tanks and containers.
[MB-R] $34

Mounting Options

Adapt to your tank from the 1″ NPT male thread.