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Alarm sent to email

Alarms sent to email

The addition of a compact module to any of our equipment allows any Gizmo device to communicate emails and/or text messages.  Can send up to 5 messages, either emails or

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Power monitor alarm 3 phase

Power Monitor and Alarm

PFA-3 POWER MONITOR Gizmo’s new PFA-3 Power Monitor will monitor three-phase power for over-voltage, under-voltage, asymmetric voltage. If the voltages are not correct, of it there is a complete power

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Temperature Controller for steam heat

Temperature Controller with Alarm

Compact temperature controller designed for steam heat controlled by solenoid valves.  Controls the solenoid valve automatically to maintain temperature. Built-in alarm if temperature ever goes out of the range you

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Motor Starter for Level Control

Motor Starter for Large Pumps

STARTER CONTROLLED BY LEVEL CONTROLLER Large pumps and 3-phase motors can now be controlled by Gizmo Engineering level controllers and Tank alarms.  This accessory can be found at the bottom

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Liquid Level Controller

Stack Light for LC3

LC3 LEVEL CONTROLLER ENCLOSURE The LC3 automatic level controller now includes a stack light to give a better indication of the status of the tank. Red light indicates an emergency

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Capacitance Level Sensor Probe

Capacitance Sensor

SMOOTH SENSING END SOLUTION FOR FOULING LIQUIDS Capacitance sensors can sense nearly any substance, even solids, without fouling. Sticky, scaling, coating, crystallizing, and viscous liquids are no problem.  The

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Crappy timer

TCAD New Feature – Auto Start

AUTOMATIC START-UP We have been asked if the TCAD temperature controller can start itself up automatically each morning. (instead of manually pressing the START button) Unfortunately the clock inside the

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