Plating Barrel Magnet “pucks” encapsulated in polypropylene

Magnet for Plating Barrel

Our magnets that are used to sense the rotation of plating barrels, are coated in PTFE.  Unfortunately the PTFE coating is limited in thickness, and as a result, after several months in service, some pinholes developed – possibly as a result of abrasion of the coating.  These breaches in the PTFE coating allowed for some corrosion.  Therefore, to solve this problem, we have developed a  magnet “puck” that completely encapsulates the magnet.  This puck is attached to the plating barrel in the same way as before – with titanium screws.  With the “puck” the magnet is completely protected from incidental scrapes and nicks behind a polypropylene guard.

The magnets are so powerful that they are able to exert a force through the polypropylene casing easily.  See this video or a demonstration of the magnet force.

For more information on the plating barrel rotation alarms please visit our RA5 page here