INDUSTRIAL TIMER counts up or down and alarms.  Large display incorporates stack light or power relay.

Industrial Process Timer …
  • Time is easily adjustable from 1 second to 100 hours.
  • Easy installation! Just mount in place with screws.
  • Waterproof proof and corrosion proof. Built for rugged industrial service.
  • Loud buzzer.  103 dB @ 2 ft.
  • Easy to set time with 3 buttons like a kitchen timer.

  • Large digital display with 30 mm digits.

  • Relay output included.

Easy installation, just mount it in place and plug it in.  The front button starts and stops the timing cycle. The time is set easily with the intuitive pushbutton switches located.  

  • Counts down anywhere between 1 second to 100 hours.
  • Front button indicates power present.
  • Waterproof rating IP65.
  • Large display measures 90 mm x 35 mm. (this is substantially larger than the T5/T5 timers)
  • Piggyback plug output with 10A relay.
  • Typically powered from 120VAC but can be adapted to run from any line power: 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 240VAC.

The time counts down from preset time.  (or counts up if starting from zero)  The green stack light LED illuminates while timing. At the end of the time cycle, the alarm sounds and the red LED illuminates. For the three-light model T6-3, the amber light can be set to comes on before the end of the cycle as an early warning. 

Many different modes available summarized below.  See the “modes chart” in the documents tab below for complete description of each.

  • Mode 1 counts down from the set time. Early warning on LED1. (amber LED)  Cycle can be cancelled by holding the start button. If time is set to zero then it counts up.
  • Mode 2 like mode 1 but does not allow cancellation.
  • Mode 3 is for triggering the time cycle mechanically with a contact close (like a proximity switch) that remains closed throughout the countdown. video here
  • Mode 4 allows pausing and re-starting the cycle until the time accumulates to set value.
  • Mode 5 cycle stops automatically at the end of countdown. video here
  • Mode 6 provides an early warning on the beacon LED instead of the front button.
  • Mode 7 is a guard duty that requires the start button to pressed continually or else an alarm sounds (cycle repeats indefinitely).
  • Mode 8 is especially for spray rinses in plating operations. More details here. Also, a video of an installation here
  • Mode 9 is an on-delay.  video link here
  • Mode 10 is a machine hours totalizer countdown. It can be triggered either by presence of power or a contact close.  Video link here
  • Mode 11 is a repeating interval cycle.   Video link here
  • T6-S2 has a double stack-light (red/green). When timing starts, the green light illuminates. When cycle is over, the red LED illuminates and buzzer sounds.   Includes a relay output to control devices with a piggyback cord.
  • T6-S3 has a triple stack light (red/green/amber) to add an “early warning” mode on the amber LED. You may set a warning period before the end of cycle and when this “warning time” is reached, the amber LED lights up and the buzzer beeps briefly.  If you don’t want the orange to illuminate then the “early warning” can be set to zero.
  • For some applications the external buttons are not wanted so the time is set with the internal buttons on the PCB.  This is model T6X.

An additional relay can be put in the enclosure to provide two 15A relays. One would be from the piggyback cord, the second from a second cord. See this customer application on truck washing for more.

Different buzzer tones are available. Listen to the tones here.  Volume can be continuously attenuated down to -20dB with the addition of a “volume muffler”.

Proximity Sensor Option

The inductive proximity sensor senses any metal surface as from a rack, and will automatically start and stop the timing cycle.  When positioned close to a rack saddle, it can detect a rack as far away as 30 mm.  Inductive proximity sensing is the superior sensing method for dirty grimy operations because it is unaffected by any amount of dirt over the sensor.  (unlike laser, optical and mechanical sensors)
The T6-S3 model, can indicate if contact is broken after initial contact, In this case the amber light illuminates and the buzzer chirps for the duration of the cycle to indicate a fault.

Factory timer with triple stack light
Electronic timer PCB

Order Here

T6-S3 and T6X-S3

 From $425
Input Voltage
Time-setting Buttons

T6-S2 and T6X-S2

 From $421
Input Power
Time-setting Buttons



Inductive proximity sensor detects metal objects (like a plating rack) from a distance of 40 mm. It is not affected by considerable amounts of dirtProxmity sensor with timer buildup so it is the best choice for dirty environments. video
Example valid part number:T6-PX


Capable of 30A load.  Includes 10 feet of 10 gauge power wire.  The end for connection to your power is blunt cut. (no plug)  More info here.
Example valid part number: T6-R30



Telescoping Mounting Bracket In some situations, mounting the proximity switch vertically makes sense. This telescoping mounting bracket makes it easy to anchor to the lip of a tank, and then bring the proximity switch up to the correct height.  Pre-drilled holes accept ¼-20 screws. Standard height adjustment range 4-8″.  (click on the image for dimensions)


+ $35
Red Hat brand with 10 ft SJOOW cord standard.  Comes wired to the timer with a rubber-covered cord.
Pipe size
Cord length if other than 10'
Buzzer Volume Control

Sometimes our buzzers are too loud.  Snap-on “muffler” reduces the volume by 20 db and anywhere in between just by rotating the slots

Different Buzzer Tones

Different buzzer tones to audibly identify different units. Hear the different tone types here. [BZ-xx]     $18  

Tone Type

International Power

The electronics are automatically ready to accept voltages up to 240VAC. All that is needed to run from voltages other than 120VAC, is the right plug.  Choose from the plug adapters below according to your needs.



Calibration Certificate

NIST traceable calibration by an independent laboratory.  Our specification is 0.05% tolerance.  Certificate will be shipped with the timer and include actual test times for the timer being calibrated.  Certificates are also available online through our lab’s website.   lab link here 
[CAL-1] $75