All our products come with a minimum one-year unconditional guarantee against defects and failure. In addition, we will accept returns for any reason within 3 months after shipment. 

For most products we often extend the warranty to 2 years.  (at out discretion though to prevent abuse)  Because our products generally end up in industrial applications we know that once a product is installed, the last think you want to do is have to worry about how to service it, possibly send it back, etc.  It ends up benefitting us if our products are built to last for 10 years because we don’t like fixing or replacing any more than you do. 

If it is necessary to return an item for refund or replacement, please phone 585-301-0970 and we’ll get a replacement or refund started quickly. We would appreciate knowing the reason why our product didn’t quite work so we can continue to improve. This is how many product improvements started.  Refunds will be made to you the same way that you originally paid, promptly.

Our return address is:

Gizmo Products Inc.
2257 County road 4, bldg #3
Stanley, NY 14561

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