FUEL TANK OVERFILL ALARM beeps loudly and LED flashes if liquid level is high.


Monitor fuel tank level in non-hazardous locations

  • battery powered so its always working.


  • Replaceable Lithium battery included lasts for years.


  • Loud buzzer is 101dB @ 2 ft. (like a smoke alarm)


  • Rugged metal construction. Built for rough, wet and  outdoor locations.

  • Bright flashing LED  visible in daylight.


  • Low battery built in
  • Silencing/test button.

EASY TO INSTALL. Mounts on any fuel tank with either a hand-adjustable depth PVC tank mount.  or an optional 2″ NPT threaded plug is available if needed.
Battery powered so it can be located away from power outlets, instantly.  

Note this item is for non-hazardous locations. if this is for Hazardous Locations please see our page for our Intrinsically Safe tank alarm.


When there is a high liquid level condition, the buzzer sounds and the beacon LED flashes. Press the button to silence the buzzer, and the LED continues to flash as a reminder. This is the default mode although there are other behaviors available.  The 101 dB buzzer has a unique warbling sound is very arresting so it will be heard at long distances.

Different behaviors are field-selectable using DIP switches on the circuit board. Choose from:

  • 30-minute snooze alarm, (on/off)
  • tank filling mode (where it shuts off LED and buzzer until the next fill-up)
  • auto/manual reset after level corrected

Materials: stainless steel pipe and 0.70 specific gravity SS float switch is suitable for almost all fuels and flammable solvents. For other float switch options including ultra-light weight floats, please see our page on various float switches.

Battery Power is uninterruptible and allows installation anywhere. No outlets, electricians, or inspectors needed. The Lithium batteries included and have a shelf life of 10 years.  

Durable Aluminum electronics enclosure.
Pipe and float switch are 316 stainless steel construction.  Float guard is included to protect the float switch. Can be removed with set screws.

Harsh Weather rated temperature range is +60ºC to -40º C. [140ºF to -40ºF]



Stainless Drum Mount
Float Guard - stainless

Order Here

Stainless Steel Tank Alarm

316SS pipe + 316SS float switch
T–SS–[working depth]

Working depth
Float Orientation


Relay Output

A relay output for signals sent to an approved I.S. barrier. 80mA max.  10ft cable is standard.
[IS-RLY] $54

Welded Plug MountWelded Drum Plug on Tank Alarm

A 2″NPT  stainless steel plug welded to the pipe.  Sealed. Depth is not adjustable so specify working depth needed.
[WP-2] $56

Working Depth Needed
THUMBSCREW MOUNTThumbscrew Mount - stainless steel

This mount is not waterproof but offers very easy adjustment.  Phenolic knob and with 304 SS screw.
[TM-SS]   $162

Stainless Rim Mount

Bracket secures a tank alarm to the rim of an open tank.   more info