A WIRELESS TANK LEVEL ALARM transmits an RF signal when there is a level alarm condition. The receiver responds by beeping and flashing. 

Wireless Receiver with Tank Alarm transmitter


The Wireless Transmitter option allows a level alarm to send a signal to the receiver up to 500 m away.(1500ft is typical even inside a manufacturing plant).  When the receiver gets the signal, it emits an audio buzzer and beacon LED. The audio alarm is silenced at the receiver. Both LEDs continue to blink until alarm the level condition is corrected.

Snooze Alarm Mode
In the default operating mode, the button on the wireless transmitter silences the audio alarm for 10 minutes. If the level is not corrected, then it will alarm again so it can’t be forgotten. When the level is corrected, the level alarm resets itself automatically.

No programming or teaching needed – we set it up so all you need to do is connect power and it’s working immediately.

The W2 receiver can be added as an accessory to any Gizmo Engineering level alarm.  Since the W2 wireless receiver has a buzzer, the buzzer is typically eliminated from the companion liquid level alarm.

Other Considerations:

  •  Wireless communication is tricky to judge how it will carry inside of manufacturing plants because it depends on many factors.  For very difficult applications with lots of metal structures it may be necessary to use an antenna extension to locate the antenna on a more favorable location. This simply screws onto the connector already on the W2 receiver.
  • A single receiver can receive signals from multiple wireless liquid level alarms.  For more information on this please contact Gizmo Engineering.
  • There is a built-in 10A relay available that can be used to control a pump or other equipment.

Wireless Receiver for Plating
W4 Antenna Kit


Wireless Tank alarmWireless Transmitter & Receiver

Wireless transmitter is put inside the level alarm which sends a wireless signal to the receiver. Buzzer is in the receiver instead of at the tank.  A 10A relay is available in the receiver.
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[W2] $275

Coax Cable for WirelessExtended Antenna Kit

50 foot coaxial cable and 90º PVC bracket antenna mount.
[W4]     $68