High Level

Low Level



We have incorporated our liquid level alarm innovations for IBC tanks.  For example, all our float switches are protected inside a guard to prevent any possibility of damage.  Also, we use float switches for their reliability. And, we offer them in different materials to resist any chemical. No need to mess around setting up and calibrating ultrasonics. We focus on making everything easy to set up – you just screw on the lid.  In fact, we offer an option so you don’t even have to do that! With the “threads removed” option the lid is simply placed on the top opening and can be secured with thumbscrews. That way it doesn’t have to be rotated to secure it. (rotating is sometimes awkward if there is attached tubing)


Our IBC level alarms are essentially the same construction as our drum alarms with the difference being that the pipe length is longer than drum length. Also, with IBC alarms, the silencing button + low battery alert circuit board is included automatically. (instead of being an option)  The IBC alarms are usually mounted through the 2 inch NPS port in the IBC lid. But in cases where there is a large fill pipe or other equipment in the way, we use dual port lids. The standard lids we use are 6″ Buttress which fit almost every IBC tank we’ve ever encountered. Here is a picture of the threads measuring 156mm minor diameter


We customize IBC level alarms gladly. One of these is our tote alarms for Hazardous Locations. These are not a stock product so there is no separate webpage for the Hazardous Locations IBC level alarms currently. However they are made from the same components as our stock products and so lead times are only a matter of days. For more ideas please see our page on custom IBC alarms.