Timers used for pumping DEF and washing trucks

T6 Timer with 30A relay output

Real Alloy is using our T5 timers to dispense the correct amount of DEF into vehicles. In addition, they are using a T6 timer to start a 15A pressure washer, which needs a separate relay output to open the solenoid valve that supplies water to the pressure washer. We supplied dual 30A relays to accomplish this.  Chris Wood at Real Alloy wrote to us about some details of their application:

I appreciate the help with these Gizmo timers.

I purchased one several years ago, after finding your page on the internet and researching how to remotely operate a DEF pump so that the bulk storage tank and pump can be left in a locked room while still allowing production operators access to DEF anytime. We are a 24/7 facility and these pumps have had a history of burning up do to being left on once the operators where done filling up their unit and driving off. So this particular timer works perfect. The operator pulls up, pushes the mushroom switch, activates the pump and fills his machine, drives off. The two minute timer shops and shuts off the DEF pump located inside the room and we haven’t burned up a pump since.

The most recent purchase we made was to power an electric pressure washer.

Being in the Recycling business is a dirty, dusty job, visibility out of this large equipment is hard at times much less if you have a dirty windshield. We have tried the gasoline powered pressure washers and squiggys in a bucket but nothing was convenient so it wasn’t used regularly which results in unsafe conditions. I thought that there would be a better solution by using an electric pressure washer but needed a way to operate it remotely instead of relying on the equipment operators to open a water valve, turn on the pump as well as turn it all back off when done.  Keeping in mind all this equipment needs to be inside a room to keep from freezing during the winter months.

For this solution I used I used your T6 Gizmo. I set a five minute timer so that the operators can push one button which actuates an Asco valve to supply water to the electric pressure washer that the timer energizes as well. Its been in operation for a couple weeks now and we have received positive feed back from management as well as production employees.

Thanks again for your help in finding solutions to my problems. It’s a great product and I will pass along your information about the timer whenever asked.

Feel free use this on your web page if you see fit.

Chris Wood
Maintenance Lead/ Electrician
Real Alloy
Sapulpa, OK

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