WIFI communication board

The WIFI communication module will text or email an alarm notice. It can be configured to send up to five communications to a combination of phones or emails. Once configured, it uses your company WiFi network for communication so there are no recurring charges. (as with cellular dialers) This accessory can be found on most product pages.

Miniaturized design allows it to fit in any Gizmo product easily. The motherboard measures only 45 x 35 mm.

Consumes very low power so it is suitable for battery powered devices. 

Setup takes usually about 5 minutes.

The message can be customized to identify different sensors if you have multiple WIFI modules.

If power is lost, all settings are preserved. (no need to re-enter passwords)

One caveat is that you really want a static IP address so you don’t have to re-enter the password every time the dynamic IP address changes. Most businesses uses a static IP internet service but home users probably will have to ask your internet provider for this.

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WiFi moduleWiFi MODULE