Alarms and controls for corrosive conditions.  

From pH meters to temperature controllers, liquid level alarms – all our instruments contain a built-in alarm. After all, if its worth monitoring in the first place, why wouldn’t it have an alarm? 

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Alarm sent to email

Our latest innovation allows communication of the alarms by email or text to your phone. Compact circuit board fits in any of our existing products.

The Gizmo Engineering Story...

Gizmo Engineering Process Controls

Gizmo invented and patented the world’s first true drum alarm.

drum alarm low level

Sure, there were other “floats on a stick” that various companies tried, but these aren’t drum alarms. They always fail because the float switches are delicate and process operators are not. So, Gizmo invented a “float guard” to protect the floats. This guarantees that the float cannot get damaged. In addition, there is an integrated chemical feeding pipe. The advantage of this is that the suction point is always at the right point. (below the liquid level alarm so it is always under liquid level)  The depth is adjustable so its easy to place at the bottom of the drum in order to get the maximum liquid out of the drum. Gizmo is still the only company that as figured this out.

We have learned from the plating industry where everything is constantly exposed to caustic and acid fumes – often at the same time. There is such a variety of harsh chemicals that it is as challenging an environment as it gets for anything electronic.  Our products were meant for this environment. Not only are they at home, but they are backed by a two year warranty!

Over the years we have perfected the family of liquid level alarm systems to survive this environment – and yours. Along the way, we developed many other controls with the same ethos. We have continued to blaze our own path, creating many previously unknown products. What started with a single device has blossomed into an extensive line of products – all of them robust, simple to install and minimum or no maintenance needed. They will help you gain control over your industrial processes from liquid level, to temperature, timing, pH and more. Here is an overview of our products on our line card.

We like battery power because it’s uninterruptible, safe, and fast and easy to install.  Lithium batteryTo take advantage of this, we have developed low-power circuits to give years of operation on a single battery.  Gone are the days when batteries meant having to change them every 6 months.  For us this would be a dealbreaker. Lithium batteries have such a high capacity that they will last for years. More than 10 years if passively monitoring. The meaningful discharge come from powering the alarm and LED.  We have circuits to minimize this too – smart PCBs that put the level alarm into a power-conservation mode if nobody responds with in an hour.  And when the batteries do eventually deplete, our circuits provide a low battery warning.

We are constantly innovating in order to offer the latest technologies to serve our customers. Auto Hose fill stainless

For example, we started looking at SMS messaging capability 10 years ago!  At the time, it was ahead of its time, and although it could be done, not cost-effectively enough for us. Now, as of July 2023, we have decided to offer this capability as an option using free WiFi.  We are always innovating – its in our DNA. If you have an unmet need, talk to us about it.  

Pictured to the right is our Hose filling device – a new invention that is unlike anything else.  It stops tank overflows when filling by hose. (garden hose for example) This required a custom circuit to make everything work.


In addition to selling products through our website, we also have other sales channels such as our distributors, and for select products, e-commerce sites like Amazon.  We are proud of the 5-star feedback ratings we maintain at all of them. We are so confident, we offer a 2 year unconditional guarantee on our products.

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