About Gizmo Engineering

Gizmo Engineering creates durable alarms and controls to simplify control over industrial processes.  In 1998, an our founder needed a way to monitor chemical level in drums. Since no product existed, he built the world’s first drum level alarm.  It was born in the electroplating industry where everything is continually exposed to acid and caustic mists and splashes. Over the years we have perfected the family of drum level alarms so it will survive this environment – and yours. Along the way, we developed resin mixing machines to help make the drum alarms more efficiently.  We have continued to blaze our own path, creating many previously unknown products. What started with a single device has blossomed into an extensive line of products – all of them robust, simple to install and generally no maintenance needed. They will help you gain control over your industrial processes from liquid level, to temperature, timing, and even power failures.

Here is an overview of our products on our line card.

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We prefer battery power because it’s uninterruptible, safe, and fast and easy to install.  Low-power circuits give years of operation on a single battery.  However we provide line-powered devices too.


Better than it is has to be…

  • Everything waterproof.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • Float switches protected inside a float guard.
Custom PCB

Unique products to meet previously unmet needs. Where necessary, we develop our own circuits to create some products. The goal is to make products to help to introduce control over your processes.


We sell certain products through our website, and also other sales channels.  We are proud of the 5-star feedback ratings we maintain at all of them. We offer a 2 year unconditional guarantee on our products.

Below are some of our more recognizable customers that trust us. We take pride in solving anyone’s problem, no matter how small.