Turns any contact open or contact close into a loud alarm with strobing LED.

Battery powered alarm box with relay

Alarm Box Features

  • Flashing beacon light is visible in daylight.
  • Loud warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Waterproof. IP65 enclosure is built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.
  • Always on duty because it uses uninterruptible battery power.
  • Safe. 9 volt circuit in a waterproof (NEMA 4X) box.

  • Long battery duty – can alarm for a month straight!

  • Push button tests the circuit – tests the circuit when not alarming.


The AB-5 version of our alarm box will sound an alarm when there is a contact close or open. There are three inputs, usually N.C. although we have a firmware that can be loaded with a N.O. input. Each alarm has a unique alarming pattern. (fast beep, slow beep, and steady warble)

Rugged waterproof box with ingress rating of IP65. 

It boasts an extremely long battery life: if the alarm is not acknowledged after an hour it goes into a “power conserving” mode which limits the alarm to a duration of 6 seconds, every 30 seconds.  Enough to let people in the area know there is an alarm without wasting battery power.  This behavior allows it to continuously alarm for almost a month! For remote locations this is a great feature.

There is a low battery alert which has a staccatto buzzer output so it can be easily distinguished from the other contact-close alarms.


There are some choices of the behaviors such as:

  • Immediate relay output or delayed 15 minutes
  • Relay N.O. or N.C.
  • Auto or manual reset of the alarm and relay when level corrected.
  • Pushbutton can reset everything (good for tank filling)  Otherwise pushbutton simply silences the buzzer.
  • Snooze alarm


The AB-5 alarm box performs a similar function as our AB-1 model which is also battery powered, but in addition the AB-5 offers:

  • Relay output. (N.O or N.C.)
  • Up to three inputs
  • Battery conservation logic
  • Enhanced behaviors
  • Choice of N.O. or N.C. contacts

In addition, the larger enclosureWiFi module of the AB-5 allows physical space in the enclosure for options such  WiFi texting and emailing, or simple on-premises wireless communication. (see these options below)

For Hazardous Locations we have a battery-powered Intrinsically Safe version model IS-AB which is almost identical except for some different circuit board components and testing.  The certification requirements do not permit options like WiFi calling however.

For line powered is available, then the AB-2R or AB-3R  do similar things, and the AB-2R-S2 has the option of a stack light to indicate status at a distance.


AB-5Battery powered alarm box with relay

Battery powered alarm box. Includes lithium battery.



Float Switch Level ProbeFloat Switch Level Probe – polypropylene

Float switch mounted in rigid polypropylene pipe.   1 inch NPT compression mounting.  10ft cable connected to alarm box.   go to level probe page

Working Depth
Float Orientation
PVDF level probeFloat Switch Level Probe – Kynar

PTFE float switch mounted in rigid Kynar pipe.   1 inch NPT compression mounting.  10ft cable connected to alarm box.   go to level probe page

Working Depth
Float Orientation
Circular Connector

This connector makes it easy to disconnect the cable, and Also makes it easy to snake through tight places when installing.
[CN-2]   $46.00

Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard length of 10 feet. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability. Four stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C-4] $0.80/ft

Buzzer Volume Control

Sometimes our buzzers are too loud.  Snap-on “muffler” reduces the volume by 20 db and anywhere in between just by rotating the slots. [V-1]     $6

Different Buzzer Tones

Different buzzer tones to audibly identify different units. Hear the different tone types here. [BZ-xx]     $18  

Tone Type