The LEVEL PROBE contains a float switch mounted in the bottom of an adjustable polypropylene pipe. 

Float Switch Level Probe
PVDF level probe

Better Level Sensing…

  • Rugged. Polypropylene float guard protects float switch from damage.
  • Chemically Resistant. All polypropylene wetted parts plus PVDF cable seal.
  • Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.
  • Easy Depth Adjustment by hand – simply slide through the cord grip.
  • Shielded cable connects to Gizmo alarm boxes or PLC or other monitoring devices.
  • Complete immersion models
  • Reversible float switch.


These are a float switch level sensor proteted inside our float guards. Maintains the exceptional reliability of float switches while eliminating the primary cause of failure. These detect liquid level and the electronics are a distance away in an electronics enclosure.  These solve a few problems for tanks with very low headroom, or for very tall tanks it brings the electronics down to operator level.  Also, immersion models can go in a small space – only 1″ in diameter.  The only part that extends above the tank is the cord grip. 

Depth adjustment is easy and can be done by hand by loosening the cord grip and sliding the probe to the correct depth. When tightened, the cord grip provides a waterproof seal.

The output from the float switch is N.O. or N.C. and the switch is reversible.  Includes 10 ft of thick wall shielded communications cable to connect to your process. 

There are various ways to mount them: either the 1″NPT cord grip can fit into a threaded tank bushing, or our rim-mount bracket. 


Level probes are intended to be used with our Alarm Boxes.  Battery-powered AB-1 or AC powered AB-2R or IS-AB for Hazardous Locations.

Waterproof circular connectors on the end of the cable makes repeated disconnections easy.  When connected to our alarm boxes, two of the conductors are configured in a loop to detect if the cable is missing.

Our level probes can still function successfully in dirty liquids with the addition of a screened float guard. 


LP-PF (polypropylene) models are constructed from polypropylene pipe, polypropylene float. Tank mount is PVC with 1″ NPT thread.

LP-KK (Kynar) models are made from Kynar pipe, Kynar float, and PVDF cable seal.

IP-PF Immersion probes are made from Kynar with Kynar cord grip, Viton seal and are weighted. Cable has a PVDF jacket.

We also have probes with capacitance sensors for dirty liquids that coat or foul float switches.

Level Probe with alarm box
Interstitial Liquid Level Probe
Immersion Probe with cable

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POLYPROPYLENEFloat Switch Level Probe
Working Depth
Float Orientation
PVDF (Kynar)PVDF level probe
Working Depth
Float Orientation
Cable Length


Circular Connector

Makes it easy to connect and disconnect the cable. Great for passing through small openings in walls. Max. O.D. 22mm [0.86″]
[CN-2] $46

Screen to protect float guardScreened Float Guard

Screens around the top and bottom of the float switch will completely enclose the float which allows for reliable operation in dirty liquids containing solids. 
[FS-PP] $19

Rim Mount BracketRim Mount Bracket

A bracket designed for mounting on open tanks and containers. More info.
[MB-R] $34

Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard length of 10 feet. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability. Four stranded conductors x 24 gage.

[C4] $0.80/ft

Mounting Options

Adapt to your tank from the 1″ NPT cord grip.

Mounting Type