INTRINSICALLY SAFE DRUM LEVEL ALARM monitors high liquid level in drums by beeping and flashing. 

UL and CSA Drum alarm

Better Level Control

  • Always on duty because battery power is uninterruptible.

  • Replaceable Lithium battery lasts for years.

  • Loud buzzer is 101dB @ 2 ft. (like a smoke alarm)

  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.

  • Low battery alert.

  • Optional relay output.

  • Class 1, Div. 1. Gas groups C and/or D. 60079-0 and 60079-11.

When there is a high or low level condition, the buzzer sounds and the beacon LED will flash. In the default mode, the user presses the button to silence the buzzer, and the LED continues to flash as a reminder. The 101 dB buzzer has a unique warbling sound cuts through factory noise so it will be heard.

Easy to Install. Different mountings are all adjustable by hand. Simply loosen the nut or thumbscrew and slide the alarm to the depth you want. Other mounting hardware available if needed.

Different behaviors are field-selectable using DIP switches on the circuit board. Choose from:

  • 30-minute snooze alarm, (on/off)
  • (auto or manual) reset after level corrected
  • optional relay (N.O./N.C.), can be delayed or immediate.

Battery Power is uninterruptible and allows installation anywhere. No outlets, electricians, or inspectors needed. The Lithium batteries included and have a shelf life of 20 years. A 2400mA-hr capacity combined with smart software allows these to sound for 25 days straight!  In typical situations the batteries will last for many years. When the batteries do run low, a unique low-battery signal is given. (different from the level alarm signals) Batteries are user-replaceable in the hazardous location.

Durable construction from an aluminum electronics enclosure. Lexan LED lens, metal pushbutton.  Polypropylene pipe and PTFE float switch.
Float guard protects the float switch so it can be moved from drum-to-drum without worrying about damage to the float.

Harsh Weather rated temperature range is +60ºC to -40º C. [140ºF to -40ºF]


IS-DHK models have no liquid feed pipe to allow them to fit into a 3/4″ drum bung. 

IS-DHK-SS  has a 316 Stainless Steel pipe and float. The diameter of the SS float is 22mm so it is not possible to surround the float with a float guard.  chemical compatibility chart here

IS-DHK-SB  has a SS pipe and BUNA float switch, protected with a SS float guard.  BUNA rubber is compatible with most oils, non-aromatic hydrocarbons and fuels.  chemical compatibility chart here

IS-DHK-SF  has a SS pipe and PTFE float switch, protected with a SS float guard. Note: the S.G. of the PTFE float switch is 0.85

IS-DHK-PP  has a Polypropylene pipe and float switch protected with a PP float guard. chemical compatibility chart here

A comparison of our different float switches can be found on this page.

IS-DHx  models include a liquid feed pipe.  Mounting styles are either with slip-on cap or threaded drum plug, either NPS thread or Buttress.

IS-DHA has a slip-on PVC cap which is the easiest to transfer from drum-to-drum as it simply lifts off the top of the drum.

IS-DHP has a 2 inch NPS threaded plastic drum plug which is a more secure mount. 

IS-DHB has a 2 inch Buttress thread.

These models are available in PP, SS or PVDF.


High level drum alarm

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No liquid pipe.  Fits in 3/4″ bung

Material pipe/float

Includes liquid feed pipe. Fits in 2″ bung.


Replacement Battery

Each drumalarm includes a battery with purchase. This is an additional battery. This is the only battery that may be used with GIZMO I.S. alarms
[BT-IS] $45

Relay Output

A relay output for signals sent to an approved I.S. barrier. 80mA max.  10ft cable is standard.
[IS-RLY] $54

Stainless Drum MountSS Drum Mount

For applications where stainless steel mounting is preferred instead of the default PVC mount, this allows  adjustment of the depth by hand.  3/4″ NPT threads.
[DM-SS-3/4] $105

Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard 10ft length. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability, eight stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C-8] $0.66/ft

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