We can customize our vent caps for special applications. Below are examples of a few of the customizations we have done.

In our smaller vent caps under 3 inches, the screen meshes we use are 24 mesh or finer to exclude insects such as mosquitoes.  The mesh is plastic so it it non-corroding, however there are different choice of material available.   Conventionally we use polypropylene for its physical rigidity but Nylon and Polyester are also viable alternatives. Here is a chemical resistance chart comparing the three materials side-by-side.

Mushroom cap with plastic screen and flange

VENT CAP WITH FLANGE.  This vent cap has our 14×14 mesh screen which is our standard for cap 4 inches and larger. 



Large Tank Vent Cap - Plastic

VENT CAP WITH FINE SCREEN.  Due to a local ordinance this customer wanted an 8 inch vent cap with 31 mesh screen (600 micron) instead of the perforated PVC sheet. 




Colored vent cap (black)

COLORED VENT CAP. This customer wanted black color so we treated the parts that needed to be black. 

Another option was to use ABS pipe parts but these are much more costly and prone to chalking in sunlight. We also compared to Cerakote coating but our customer tells us that our in-house treatment held up better in the abrasion test.

flange vent cap

LOW PROFILE VENT CAP WITH FLANGE MOUNT for large tanks. Screen is perforated PVC with 1/8″ holes – 40% open area. This unit is a low profile with oeveral height only 6 inches.

tall custom vent cap

TALL VENT CAP made to our customer’s specifications. The intent was to prevent sloshing in vehicles.

mushroom style vent cap


VENT CAP with a built-in check valve to control air flow in one direction.

custom vent cap

VENT CAP with a custom machined flange on our CNC machine. (Braylock mounting-hole pattern).