We are the experts in drum level alarms and control. 

Drum level alarms is how we started back in 2008 when we invented and patented the first drum alarms.  Since then we have continued to refine and perfect the concept.  A liquid level alarm in a drum has the unique challenge that it is inserted through a small hole in a drum, so inserting it carefully so as not to damage the float switch is a must.  Of course this never happens in practice – operators almost always end up damaging the float switches, so we were forced to invent the “float guard” which makes damage to the float switch impossible.  We remain the only company to protect float switches inside a pipe where they cannot get damaged. This is critical when constantly inserting and removing drum alarms from barrels.  The other option is to use a sensor that can’t get damaged, but this comes with its own limitations.  They cost more, and most choice of sensors must be powered – a bid drawback having to tether the system to electrical outlet, and possibly run electricity to the area. Yikes!  Battery power just makes so much more sense.

We are the only company to include a liquid suction pipe, and to the bond it to the alarm part of the drum alarms.  Since the two are permanently attached to each other, it ensures that the dosing pump is always drawing from below the liquid level. 

Since our beginnings, we now have drum alarms for any chemical, and container size, and any purpose.  If you don’t see what you need please call us and we will come up with a solution! And we’ve extended the concept to IBC tanks, and other tanks as well. In addition, all of our drumalarms are available as Intrinsically Safe drum alarms as well.