When plating barrels or other rotating equipment stop rotating, the the loss of rotation leads to scrap or re-work  Barrels can stop rotating due to broken gears, failed motors, power outages, or other reasons, the parts in the barrel are either ruined, or in the best case scenario, need costly rework.  The Loss-of-Rotation alarms will eliminate this loss.

The rotation loss alarms can be mounted in two different ways depending on the application.

  1. Mounted on each plating barrel which protects against rotation failure  every tank on a plating line. (model BRA-4)
  2. Mounted on one particular tank which protects against rotation failure in that tank. (model BRA-5)

the principle of both alarms is the same: a magnet mounted on the plating barrel rotates past past a stationary probe. The timer countdown is reset whenever a magnet is detected by the probe.  If the magnet is not detected in time, then a loud alarm is given. 


Although we are introducing these for the specific purpose of alarming plating barrels, they can also be used on any industrial equipment that rotates at reasonably low speed.  (so these would not be suitable for electric motors running at 3000 rpm for instance) In fact, these are suitable for any industrial process where there is expected to be a cyclic event – it does not have to rotate at all.  The magnet and reed switch combine to provide a contact close to the circuit board. If the cyclic event is missed, then an alarm is given. An example of other applications would be a loss of rotation alarm for drum filters, or parts-turning tables sewage treatment plants.  

It would also be known as a “guard duty” alarm where a contact close (as from the press of a button) would confirm that a guard has checked his station every so often.

Loss of Rotation Alarm