Temperature Alarm with loud buzzer if temperature goes out of range

Temperature Alarm


  • Compact enclosure – only 6×6 inches.
  • Snooze alarm built in. (30 minutes)
  • Silence from the front button. (no need to go into submenus)
  • Loud 103dB buzzer volume will not be missed.
  • Available relay. (15A)
  • Waterproof enclosure. (IP65)
  • Alarm exemption for the first alarm on power-up available.
  • Many different thermocouple lengths in stock up to 60 ft.
  • Can also be configured to accept a level probe for low liquid level alarms.
  • RS485 output.

Temperature alarm for process tanks displays the process temperature with a digital display.  If the temperature gets out of the range you set, it sounds and alarm and the red stack light illuminates. Used as a backup or redundant temperature monitor for processes where temperature is critical. This does not control temperature. We have a different web page for our temperature alarm and controller.

In addition to announcing when temperatures deviate from range, there is a dry contact relay available that activates when there is an alarm. This relay can either shut down a powered device like a solenoid, or it can send a signal to a building alarm system. 


Setup is easy because all the parameters except for your specific temperature limits are pre-set. Other than this all you need to do is:

  • Mount the enclosure using the stainless brackets provided.
  • Install the thermocouple in the thermowell provided.
  • Plug it in. 

The default temperatures are even set to 70-80ºF so you can bench test it immediately. 


Our K type thermocouple is sheathed in braided stainless steel, which is protected inside a PTFE outer sleeve which makes it immune to almost any chemical. 

 If you want to use a sensor other than the K thermocouple we provide, then the temperature control module accepts 29 different sensor inputs.  

For applications that need data logging and temperature control as well, we also offer our temperature alarm, controller and data logger. (TCAD-2)

Thermowell - polypropylene


Most suppliers of temperature equipment are content to sell you a box and walk away. We take responsibility for the success of the system which includes secure positioning of the thermocouple.  The only way to do this is with a thermowell fastened to the tank. This is so important that we include it with every temperature product.  This includes a 12″ thermowell and mounting plate. To install the thermocouple all you need to do is insert it through the PVDF cord grip and tighten by hand.


When an alarm sounds, the it can be silenced using the front push button. The default behavior is that the buzzer will sound again in 30 minutes.  For tanks with very long heat-up times where you don’t want to silence every 30 minutes there are two options. The first alarm exemption will ignore the fact that the tank is cold. (and therefore out of range) When the tank temperature climbs into range, then the unit is “armed” and will produce an alarm if the temperature ever strays out of the set temperature limits. The other way to handle this is to set the alarm behavior from the circuit board in the enclosure so that pressing the front push button once will clear the alarm until the alarm condition is cleared. (until the temperature climbs into range)


Most temperature controllers provide an alarm output on the temperature module, but almost nobody connects them.  This is doubtless because its you do some wiring to connect a buzzer and light, but also find a way to shut if off!  Its simply unacceptable to expect a process operator to dive into submenus to find the way to silence the buzzer. And, it must reset automatically when the alarm condition is cleared. Toggle switches are simply unacceptable. Furthermore, all this has to be in a waterproof enclosure and corrosion proof enclosure. No wonder most shops give up and an alarm is never connected to the output.  Unless you have an electronics person on staff it just doesn’t happen. This is where Gizmo Engineering can help you. Over many years we have found the path to getting all of these details exactly right.

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Temperature Alarm From $509

Thermocouple and thermowell included

Thermocouple Length



Causes an alarm if level gets low.
10 ft cable length standard.

[LP2-length]   $80

Working Depth

Choose probe length and cable length.

[TCP-length]   from $28

Rigid Probe Length
Cable Length

Different lengths of thermocouple (type K). Shielded with braided stainless steel and protected with PTFE sheath.


THERMOWELL REPLACEMENTThermowell - polypropylene

One thermowell is included with each TCAD but we sell them separately as components for other uses. 12″ polypropylene tube with PVDF cord grips.

[TW-12]     $61