IBC LEVEL ALARMS monitor liquid level in IBC tanks.  Flashing LED and buzzer prevent overfilling.  


IBC Level Control

  • Uninterruptible battery power is always on duty.

  • Silencing button and low battery alert built-in.

  • Loud warbling buzzer tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.

  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments.

  • No wetted metal parts.

IBC TOTE TANK ALARMS for high liquid level makes sure your tank will never overfill. When liquid level is high, the IBC Alarm emits a very loud 103dB warbling sound, and flashing LED.  Pressing the silenceing button mutes the buzzer while the LED continues to flash.  Buzzer sounds every 30 minutes until the level condition is corrected.


Uninterruptible battery power works through power failures, can’t come unplugged, or be defeated. And, because the Drum alarms don’t use any power until alarming, the batteries last for years. Low battery alert built-in.

Float switch is protected inside a pipe to protect it from jamming and damage so you don’t have to worry bout it getting knocked around during transfer between containers for years of reliable service.

Polypropylene is the standard material because it is suitable for almost all chemicals, it has very good toughness, and will tolerate temperatures up to 200ºF. Nevertheless for extreme applications, PVDF and stainless steel are available. Please contact us for a quote on these.

  • The button on the side tests the circuit when not alarming.
  • When an alarm is given, it silences the buzzer while allowing the LED to continue flashing as a reminder that there is still a level condition present.  Every 30 minutes the buzzer will sound again.  This behavior can be disabled if desired.
  • Adjusting depth is done with the thumbscrews so no tools are required.

IHP-PP includes a  3/4″ liquid pipe to feed liquid into your IBC tank. Mounted using a 2″ NPS plug through the IBC lid.

IHP-KY is the same but has PVDF pipe and float so all wetted materials are PVDF.

IHK-PP alarm mounted on the IBC lid with no liquid feed pipe. Can be combined with a cam-lock elbow option to feed liquid through the IBC lid.

IHK-KY is the same as IHK-PP but all wetted materials are PVDF.


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model IHP-xx

Pipe Material Tubing Connection Size

model IHK-xx

Pipe material


Relay Output with Cord

Switches a relay to control pumps or solenoids etc. Silences & tests alarm. Piggyback plug makes hookup easy. Instructions here
[RL-AC] $84

PLC Output

A circuit board allows you to select N.C. or N.O. output to your PLC. Includes button to silence buzzer. Includes 10ft of communications cable.  more info
[PLC1] $76

Input power

Tank Vent Cap

Vent cap installed on lid allows more air exchange for high flowrates. Screen keeps out debris. more info
[VC-1/2] $12

Cam-Lock and Vent

Fill your IBC tank with a 2 inch male cam-lock polypropylene plug. Installed on an IBC lid.
[CL] $45


Wireless Tank alarm

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

Wireless transmitter inside the level alarm sends a wireless signal to the receiver. Buzzer and relay in receiver.   more info
[w2] $205

AC Power Cord

When plug-in AC power is preferred. Comes with 3-prong plug and 8-foot rubber-jacketed cord. Power convertor inside box.
[C-NA] $36

Different Buzzer Tones

Different buzzer tonesto audibly identifydifferentunits. Hear the  different tone types here
[BZ-xx] $18

Tone Type
Buzzer Volume Control

Sometimes our buzzers are too loud.  Snap-on “muffler” reduces the volume by 20 db and anywhere in between just by rotating the slots. [V-1]     $6

Accessories - Beacon-colors.jpgAlternate Color LED

Default color is red. Amber, Blue, green, and white are options.   [BL-x]    $11

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