Alarm annunciator displays process status with miniature stack light.

Stack Light Annunciator

The compact AB-2R-S2 annunciator is like our other alarm boxes but also displays the status of an operation – green for OK, red for an alarm condition, accompanied by a loud buzzer. The miniature stack light fits on a box that is only 5×5 inches for a compact package.  Setup is easy:  just connect the included communications cable to a contact close (or contact open) and then plug it into power.  

Alternatively the alarm box can be powered from other voltages. (12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 240VAC for example)

There is a relay output available. We provide a convenient piggyback cord to connect a pump, heater or other device.


When there is an alarm condition, the buzzer sounds, and the red stack light flashes.  Push the front button to silence the buzzer but the red LED continues to flash until the condition is corrected.  The built-in snooze alarm will sound again in 30 minutes.  This can be bypassed by setting a jumper on the circuit board if desired.


The PVC enclosure measures 5×5 inches.  
Front LED pushbutton is illuminated when power is on.
IP65 ingress rating. (suitable for wash-down duty) 
All parts are designed for service in corrosive environments. 
Stack light diameter is 30 mm.

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Float Switch Level Probe

Float rigid polypropene pipe mounted with 1 inch NPT cord grip. Attaches to the supplied 10ft cable.

Working Depth
Float Orientation
Circular Connector

This connector makes it easy to disconnect the cable, and Also makes it easy to snake through tight places when installing.
[CN-2]   $46.00

Multiconductor cable

Extra cable length over the standard 10ft length. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability, eight stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C-8] $0.99/ft

Buzzer Volume Control

Sometimes our buzzers are too loud.  Snap-on “muffler” reduces the volume by 20 db and anywhere in between just by rotating the slots. [V-1]     $6

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