A discussion of how waterproof Gizmo Engineering products are and how they are tested.



Gizmo Engineering products are tested to IP65 level of ingress protection. (moreorless equivalent to NEMA4X)

IP68 Enclosures

Able to protect immersion greater than 1m, generally up to 3m.  Other condition and test duration specified by manufacturer.

IP67 Enclsoures

Able to protect against 30 minutes immersion up to 1 m depth measured from bottom of device.

IP66 Enclosures

Able to protect against powerful water jets. (100L/min at 100kPa at 3m distance for 3 minutes)

IP65 Enclosures

Able to protect against water jets. (12.5LPM at 30kPa and 3m distance for 15 minutes.

The exact conditions for NEMA rating tests are hard to come by but NEMA 4 is described as “ingress of hose directed water” as show in this video.  The X adds an additional element which describes corrosion protection.

All of our products are designed to meet a minimum ingress protection rating of IP65, and some of our products are certified by CSA to meet IP65. 

For certain uses like spraying by surfactants, the liquid can leak past an IP65 sealing. For these applications we can increase the level of protection to IP67 by using a sealing boot over the weakest point which is the 22 mm pushbutton.  Please contact us if increased protection is required as in our immersion test.