The LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLLER controls liquid level

automatically. Built-in alarms to detect overfill or low level. 


Automatic Tank Level controller…

  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments. NEMA 4X rating.

  • Reliable. Floats are protected inside a pipe and completely screened in.

  • Adjustable depth. Both float switches can be adjusted with no tools.

  • Independently adjustable float depths.

  • Easy installation with a piggyback plug. Just plug in your pump up to 15A.

  • Versatile. Switch between pump-down or pump-up operation.

  • Emergency level alarms for high and low level with Loud 103dB buzzer.  Warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.


The Level Controller will keep tanks filled (or emptied) automatically.  In tank-filling mode, when the liquid level drops to the bottom float switch, the pump controller turns on your pump to start filling. When the liquid level rises to the high level float, the level controller shuts off the pump. The cycle repeats automatically to properly maintain your liquid level.


Although the level controller is extremely reliable, liquid level problems can still happen due to malfunctioning valves, solenoids, tank leaks, or operator errors. Therefore, to guard against spills or empty tanks, there are two floats reserved just for emergencies. (so there are four float switches altogether) If the liquid level gets too high or too low, these “emergency” floats produce an alarm with a flashing LED and loud warbling buzzer that is designed to be heard through industrial plant noise. At the same time, the emergency alarm floats also provide a redundant relay shutoff.

When an alarm sounds, the audio buzzer has a silence button with a 30 minute snooze alarm, so the alarm can’t be forgotten.


The pump controller is designed to be quickly installed and working in a few minutes with no tools.  After mounting, the level controller plugs into a standard power outlet.  Since it comes with a 120V piggyback plug, your pump can quickly plug into it. The output available is 15A @120V.

The standard depth we use for the high level pipe is 8 inches working depth. This depth can be easily adjusted as short as 2 inches just by loosening the thumbscrews.  This means the only decision is the depth of the low level which comes in increments of 10 inches. Again, the depth is easy to adjust up or down.  (No need to break out bolt-cutters to chop off metal probes!) 

All our level controllers are easy to switch between pump-up and pump-down operation using a switch inside the enclosure.


The model LC2 on this page has the electronics enclosure mounted on a pipe and is designed to be mounted at the tank. If mounting away from the tank is preferred then the model LC3 mounts on a nearby wall.

Polypropylene models (LC2-PP) have stacked floats. The spacing between floats is 1 inch.

Kynar models (LC2-KK) do not have stack floats but instead have one float per pipe. Therefore each pipe length can be specified individually. Again, the high float depth is 8 inches by default.

Other convenient options include a solenoid valve that comes pre-wired. 

Level controller PVDF

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Polypropylene pipe and float switches.

Low Level Probe Length

Kynar pipe and Kynar float switches.

Low Level Probe Length
Specify custom float depths


Red Hat brand with 10 ft SJOOW (rubber jacketed) cord standard.  Comes wired to the timer.
Pipe size
Cord length if other than 10'
Mounting Options

Alternate methods of mounting on your tank.