Capacitance Tank Alarm PVDF Kynar

Capacitance tank alarms offers reliable liquid level sensing when other methods won’t work. 

They can sense through large amounts of buildup from scale, coating, crystallization, or viscous liquids (even honey!) that leave large amounts of material clinging to the pipe. It is for these challenging level sensing applications that we developed this sensor.

Unlike conventional capacitance sensors mounted on the outside of a tank, these can be easily mounted from the top of the tank and require no calibration. And, unlike conventionally mounted capacitance sensors, they can be used with metal tanks.


When faced with challenging appications where float switches won’t work, most people think of ultrasonics. The reality is that there are many problems with ultrasonics. These include false readings due to foam, turbulence, vapor, floating objects, or tank structure. In addition there is the cost, and the tedious setup required. Who wants to plug a laptop into the sensor mounted on the top of a tank just to make a simple change to the alarm depth? Furthermore, the setup of ultrasonics sensors is quite finicky: they must not be too close to a tank wall, or often they need an isolation tube, and they must be mounted at a minimum distance above the liquid – usually an inconvenient distance.

Gizmo capacitance alarms are the best of both worlds: they avoid the installation problems of both conventionally mounted capacitance sensors (sensor mounted horizontally to the outside of a tank) and ultrasonics.  Gizmo capacitance sensors are mounted at the top of the tank vertically and can be easily adjusted by hand with one of our mounts.



The standard mounting for an open tank is a PVC mounting plate. (6″ x 4″x ⅜”)  The plate has a boss on the bottom to stand it off from the wall. (for metal tanks this is a must so the sensors don’t detect the wall)   For other mounting options see the “Options” section at the bottom of the page.


The capacitance sensors require some form of line power, typically 120VAC, or DC. The capacitance alarms include a relay output that can be used for control of devices like solenoids or pumps.

We apply the same capacitance sensing concept to level controllers as well. See this page on level controllers for details.

Mounting plate for tank level


The capacative alarms have the same logic as our standard tank alarms whereby once they go into alarm, an operator can silence the buzzer, while the beacon LED continues to flash. There are different behavior options where the buzzer will repeat in 30 minutes, or not. See specs page for more details.


The only wetted parts are the pipe material, (polypropylene or PVDF) because the sensor is sealed inside the pipe. The resulting sensor is easy to clean because there are no moving parts, instead, the surfaces are very smooth.


PVDFCapacitance Tank Alarm PVDF Kynar


from $429

Working Depth


WIFI communication.WiFi module

Sends a message to your email or text message to your phone. Easy setup. No recurring fees. More info.

[WF-1]     $185  

PLC Output

A circuit board allows you to select N.C. or N.O. relay output to your PLC. Input 24VDC from your PLC, dry contact output. For other voltages or outputs please contact us. Includes silence feature for the buzzer. Includes 10ft of communications cable. more info  
[PLC1] $84

Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard length of 10 feet that’s included. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability. Four stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C4] $1.28/ft

Mounting Plate (double)

Mounting plate for tank level

A flat plate designed for mounting two pipes on open top tanks and containers. 
[MP-FC] $36

Rim Mount Bracket

Rim Mount Bracket

A bracket designed for mounting on open top tanks and containers.  more info
[MB-R] $34

Mounting Options

Adapt to your tank from the 1″ NPT male thread.