PLATING BARREL ROTATION ALARM lets you know if a plating barrel stops turning unexpectedly with loud alarm.  Stop bad parts now!

Plating Barrel Alarm RA-4

Reliable Timing…

  • Waterproof – meant for tough plating environments.
  • Loud buzzer. 103dB warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Simple and intuitive. No operator instructions needed. Works like a kitchen timer.
  • Battery powered. Uninterruptible Lithium battery lasts for years because of the low power circuitry.
  • Compact enclosure measures only 4 x 4 inches.
  • Easy installation – only 4 components that simply need to be mounted on your barrel.

When Plating Barrels stop rotating due to broken gears, failed motors, power outages, or other reasons, the parts in the barrel are either ruined, or in the best case scenario, need costly rework.  This can be eliminated with the Barrel Plating Alarm.

Rotation of the plating barrel is detected when a magnetic target rotates past a reed switch sensor.  If the rotation time exceeds the time you set, a loud alarm is given with flashing LED.  Of course you don’t want the alarm to sound all the time a barrel is above the tanks (returning to the unload station perhaps) so a float switch mounted on the barrel limits the alarm to function only when the barrel is in liquid.  Fail-safe design because if the target is not detected for any reason, an alarm results.


When an alarm sounds, the front button will silence the buzzer buzzer for 30 minutes. Alarm will sound again every 30 minutes until rotation is detected again. (if enabled by the float switch)
Easy to set the rotation time with only three buttons.

Waterproof, corrosion-proof IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure is built to withstand mounting on top of plating barrels.

Low battery warning is indicated by the message “Lo:Bt” flashing on the display along with occasional chirps.

  • The Loudest Buzzer we know of on a battery-powered timer. Warbling tone makes the volume even more penetrating in loud factories.  316 stainless steel diaphragm.
  • Electronics enclosure is rated IP65. Suitable for washdown duty.
  • Battery lasts for years because of the low-power circuitry.
  • Magnetic target provided is completely encapsulated in rubber and secured to the barrel with a titanium screw. (provided)
  • Float switch and mounting pipe are polypropylene with Teflon cord grip.
  • Reed switch sensor is encapsulated in an extremely resistant epoxy resin.  PVDF cord grip.
  • Screw the magnet somewhere on the barrel where it will be out of harm’s way.  Countersinking into the gear or end plate is a good option.
  • Mount the reed switch probe where the magnet can sweep past it within an inch.  Mounting on the hangar arms is a good location with the provided polyethylene loop clamps.
  • The standard float switch probe provided is 8 inches depth. This can be mounted anywhere it will detect when the barrel is submerged. Again, the hangar arms are a convenient location. (Different lengths of wire and probes are available to suit your installation)
  • Mount the electronics enclosure where an operator can reach the silencing button.  The outside of the pickup plates are convenient.
Plating barrel turn alarm
Barrel Plating Alarm

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Including battery, magnet, Titanium screw, loop clamps  $480

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