The Wall Mount Power Failure Alarm alarms with loud buzzer and flashing LED.

The best power failure alarm
  • Always on duty – ultra-low power consumption allows Lithium battery to last for 10 years or more.

  • Low Battery alarmIf the battery runs low, the Power Fail Alarm beeps and flashes to let you know.
  • Very loud alarm. 103dB! warbling pattern cuts through ambient noise.
  • Silence button with  30-minute “snooze alarm” setting.
  • Bright flashing beacon LED. Bright enough to be visible in daylight.
  • Weatherproof box.

The wall mounted power fail alarms continuously monitor AC power outlets and if there is a power interruption, the LED flashes and a 103dB buzzer sounds.  The buzzer can be silenced with the front button.

Simple installation, just snap in the long-life lithium battery included.  After that you are protected for the next 10 years.


The front button is illuminated when plugged into power. When the power fails, pressing the front button silences the buzzer.  A selectable “snooze alarm” feature will cause the alarm to come back every 30 minutes until power is restored. Will alarm for 50 hours straight with the supplied Lithium battery.

Flexible logic so it can detect millisecond blips, (useful for computer equipment) or only report power outages longer than 10 seconds, or longer than 30 seconds. Latching or non-latching alarm. (resets automatically when power is resotred, or at your option, it must be reset) Also, an mode for a 15-minute delay for either the audible alarm or auxiliary output.  Different modes are set with jumpers on the circuit board.


Very loud beeping audio buzzer – 103dB at 2 ft will never be missed even in noisy factories.

Extremely low power consumption allows the lithium battery (included) to last up to 10 years.  If battery power is low due to excessive alarming time, a low-battery warning alarm sounds for many weeks. 
more about battery power

Relay output available provides a contact close or open to trigger an autodialer, building alarm system, or other remote device.  Relay output is maintained for the duration of the power failure.

Weatherproof box is rated IP65.


PFA-5 (120VAC operation) comes with the common NEMA 5-15 plug connected with 10 foot rubber cord (type SJOOW )

PFA-6 is suitable for voltages from 208-277VAC and comes with choice of plug. (NEMA 6-15, Euro, UK, Australia/NZ)  Cord length  is 2-3 m) depending on availability.

NEMA 5-15 plug
NEMA 5-15
NEMA 6-15

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PFA-5 (120VAC)

$167. Price includes Lithium battery

PFA-6 (208-250VAC)

from $205. Price includes Lithium battery

Plug type


Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard length of 10 feet. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability. Four stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C-4] $0.80/ft