Resin Mixer 150ml

Resin Mixer 1000ml

To mix epoxy resin, most places hand mix using a popsicle stick and Dixie cup and waste 5 mins or so mixing by hand.  I know because thats the way we did it years ago.  I also know that because you get bored or fatigued, the resin doesn’t get fully mixed and therefore doesn’t reach full strength.

I got fed-up and decided there had to be a better way!  So I developed the RM-150 to mix our resins in-house. Since that day we have never mixed by hand since.  We use the RM-150 many times per day, every day.  In the 10 years since, we are on our second one. 

Many customers asked for a unit that would handle larger volumes so I developed the RM-1000.

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