Industrial epoxy resin mixer
1000 ml
Resin Mixer RM150
150 ml


To mix small disposable cups of epoxy resin, its very common to use a popsicle stick and Dixie cup. Of course this wastes about 5 mins or so every time you mix this way.  Worse though, is the inconsistency of cure. Because people get bored, distracted or fatigued, the resin doesn’t get fully mixed and therefore doesn’t reach full cure strength. For our usage which demands ultimate chemical resistance, this matters. Surely popsicle sticks couldn’t be the best mixer for epoxy resin!


There had to be a better way! That better wayStatic epoxy mixing nozzle did not include the static mixing nozzles that resin manufacturers seem to prefer. They just don’t mix the resin thoroughly enough, and they waste quite a bit of resin for small batches. (Hmmm) In addition, they only work on the dual-cartridge dispensers. So, out of necessity, I developed the RM-150 to mix small cups of resins back in 2012. Since then, we have never mixed a batch by hand again.  We use the RM-150 many times per day, every day, and in the 10 years since, we are on our second one.

Over time, many customers asked for a unit that would handle larger volumes. And so we developed the RM-1000 which is more of an industrial resin mixer, and handles any container size up to 1000 ml. (1 quart)   In contrast to the RM-150 which uses a particular size of mixing cup (provided) the RM-1000 adjusts to any size of cup you want to use. Finally, the RM-1000 has a much more powerful motor to handle the large mixes of practically any viscosity. This makes it the best mixer for epoxy resin in our opinion.