The PLC option is designed to provide a contact close (or open) to your PLC though a communications cable.


The PLC output option consists of a circuit board and a communications cable to connect to your PLC. Since 24VDC power is usually available at a PLC, the drum alarm or tank alarm is conveniently powered by the available 24VDC.

The circuit board inside the electronics enclosure allows for a local buzzer and LED, in addition to the signal sent to your PLC.

Different behaviors are set with jumpers; you can select N.O or N.C. relay output. You can choose if there is a snooze alarm or not, (after pressing the button to silence the buzzer). Or if the LED should continue to blink after the silencing button is pressed. Also the orientation of the alarm can be changed from high to low.

The drum alarm or tank alarm is connected to your PLC by a 8-conductor cable Default length is 10 ft. Longer lengths can be ordered by the foot.

There is also a broken cable detection alarm. This has a different LED and buzzer pattern than the level alarm. (3 seconds on, 3 seconds off instead or continuous)

Therefore the 8 conductor x 24 gage cable uses two conductors for input power to the circuit board, two for a dry-contact output to your PLC, and two for broken cable detection. (maximum current load 2A)

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PLC Output

A circuit board allows you to select N.C. or N.O. output to your PLC. Includes button to silence buzzer. Includes 10ft of communications cable.  more info
[PLC1] $76

Input power
Extra cable

Extra cable length over the standard 10ft length. Heavy 0.032″ jacket for superior durability, eight stranded conductors x 24 gage.
[C8] $0.99ft

Circular Connector

This connector makes it easy to disconnect. Also easy to snake through tight places when installing.
[CN-1]   $36.00