At Gizmo Engineering we strive to provide a comfortable and pleasant work environment.  We think that’s a necessary precursor to making top our best-of-breed products.  The environment is light and fun, and always with free coffee, smoothies and often baked goodies.  We have consistently automated monotonous or strenuous jobs where possible so the work keeps getting more rewarding.  

Clean and well organized

Bright, well lit work areas makes it a pleasant place to work.  Low noise, low stress. One of the first items in your orientation will be an introduction to our  5S system of organization.  While most other companies pay lip service to the concept – we mean it.  We think we have some things to teach the self-proclaimed experts of 5S.  Never will you have a frustrating search for tools or supplies. Never will you have to perform substandard work because of the wrong tool.  Never will you have to wonder how a part is made because you will always have an up-to-date and easy-to-follow procedure available.

Gizmo Engineering production floor


Flexible Work Schedule

Our work scheduling philosophy is very unusual.  We believe that every one of our “family” has the right to work when they want to work, not when we demand.  You dictate to us when you want to work.  

One reason we are able to do this because we do not believe in a  JIT inventory system.  Quite the opposite – we keep large stocks of raw materials to allow us the flexibility to work on parts without time pressure.  Another reason is that we invest considerable time building a robust manufacturing system that emphasizes interchangeable skills and strong work instructions that allow easy cross-training.  That way if one person is absent, someone else can take over the same job.  

As a result we have employees who come and go during the day, some who only work certain days, others who leave for weeks at a time, and some who seem to have no discernible schedule at all. All we ask is that you communicate when you are available to work. 

Why Growth Matters

We have a consistent track record of growth over the last 10 years.  This is important to consider when applying to any company as it opens up opportunities for career advancement. Accordingly, there are opportunities for career growth with us.  However we are still a small company and as such we can tailor jobs as much as possible to your schedule, needs, preferences, and talents.

The Work

For our production associates, the work consists of many different assembly techniques.   In descending order from the most common: soldering, drilling, turning on lathe, gluing, sawing, crimping, plastic welding, labeling, cutting foam, tapping, polishing, sanding, PCB assembly, screwing parts together, wiring to PCB, de-burring, de-labeling, QA testing, battery welding and much more.  As you can see, you will learn a lot!  We can promise that each day will be different because we have an ever-expanding line of products to manufacture.


In addition to our great work environment, we offer 11 paid holidays! Also paid vacation, partial medical contribution, direct deposit, and finally, free advice from a successful inventor on how to repair or make anything!

How to Apply

A resume, or some summary of your background is a must. Think about it: how can we evaluate you as a candidate without one?  Therefore if you waste our time making an inquiry without a resume, that’s automatic disqualification from employment with us.  We figure that if you skip this detail,  then you aren’t detail oriented – which is a must to work for us.

Apply by sending your resume to this email: