Data loggers are abundant but what is rare is units that incorporate an alarm function. If you manage to find one that has an alarm, the most basic functions, like silencing the buzzer requires multiple button presses! Gizmo Engineering data loggers incorporate the alarm function and also temperature control. They are complete systems that you only need to mount and plug in to start running. Since there are already hundreds and hundreds of companies providing the components like temperature control modules, thermocouples, LEDs, our specialty is making it easy to implement temperature data logging, alarms, and control so you don’t have to be an engineer to get it running. And even if you are, you probably have better things to do than integrating these components. We use our expertise in integrating the components into waterproof enclosures with a corrosion resistant buzzer and various waterproof LEDs. We have done the research to select the very best components and we use these to provide a superior package. If necessary, we manufacture and design our own proprietary circuit boards so the final product provides the data logging combined with alarm functions needed. Built to survive in the harshest environments.

NADCAP Temperature Controller

TEMPERATURE DATA LOGGER + CONTROLLER + ALARM + . Model TCAD-2 can control pumps, solenoid valves or heaters up to 10A. Also provides data logging. In addition, if temperature goes out of range then an alarm sounds along with stack light LED. Load data with USB flash drive.


Temperature Data Logger Alarm

TEMPERATURE DATA LOGGERS + ALARM. Model TDA-6 monitors up to 6 channels with six independent thermocouples. All the temperatures are displayed at the same time on the front panel. If any temperatures go out of the ranges you set, then an alarm sounds along with bright stack light. Silence the buzzer with the front button. Access data with a USB pen drive and/or RS485 communication.


We offer more options that on this page such as 8 channel or 16 channel. These are custom products so please ask about these, or other temperature alarm needs you may have.