DIGITAL TANK LEVEL GAGE displays liquid level and give alarms if level is out of range.

Liquid Level Gage

Liquid level gage for tanks displays the level in the tank with a bar graph and numerical display.

The digital display is connected to a PTFE submersible sensorTank Level gage located in your tank.  The sensor responds to changing liquid level by indicating with a bar graph and numerical reading. It is suitable for almost any chemical.

There are four independent alarm points that can be configured any way you wish. Examples of different actions include buzzer, and stack lights (red, yellow, green) at the tank, and also remote singaling like text messages, email, or wireless communication etc.

The installation consists of simply dropping the sensor to the bottom of your tank, and plug in the digital display.  (we have already set the units from the factory)

The digital Level Gage LG–1 can work with any sensor that provides a 4-20mA output but we prefer submersible sensors for the reasons outlined below.


Submersible level sensors (or hydrostatic sensors) determine liquid height by measuring theSubmersible Pressure Sensor pressure on the sensor due to the gravity of the fluid above it. This an established technology noted for its high reliability, low installation cost, and simple engineering. It is one of the most popular methods of liquid level measurement. Submersible level sensors may be used in almost all liquid media, from aggressive chemiclals to pastes and sludges, providing reliable level measurement in the most challenging conditions.

Unlike ultrasonic sensors, submersible sensors are immune to turbulence, foam, fouling, obstructions. They don’t need to be tuned or calibrated, and they don’t need to be carefully positioned.  Finally, there is no “dead zone” to worry about.

We recommend a PTFE sensor body which has PTFE cable.  The diaphragm inside can either be titanium or ceramic. Since the plating industry can see some fluorides in the waste stream which can attack ceramics, we stock the titanium version

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For very tall tanks, the PTFE cable length outside is extended with standard communication cable in a junction box.



Liquid Level Gage with PTFE/Ti sensor with 20ft cable.

Liquid Level Gage