INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION CYCLE TIMERS are known to increase efficiency in manufacturing operations by pacing operators to finish a task on time, and make any excess time visible.  Also, production planning is improved by letting everyone know how much time is remaining on a job.   

All our timers come in waterproof enclosures, and all are built for rugged use in a typical factory environment.  All are plug-n-play.  Many different behaviors: count up, count down, interval timing, machine runtime, pacing, start/stop time accumulation, repeating, on-delay.  

The standard count-down cycle is used for more than timing a batch in a plating tank, for example our timers have also been used to determine when an allowable “window” of time has elapsed, as with the preparation of locomotive bodies for painting.  This is how the “early warning” feature was born, having to re-prepare a locomotive body was a lot of unnecessary work so the operators needed a beacon to let them know when their window of time was about to elapse.

Guard duty cycles are used to ensure that certain operations are regularly checked on a rigorous time schedule as in the checking of sump pits.

Our interval cycle has been used in a coating operation where the ratio of the dip time and dry time parts was crucial.  Once started the timer beeps at 10 seconds when the operator must pull work out of the tank.  Then it counts up for 8 seconds drying time.  Another beep of the buzzer and the operator must put the work back in the tank.  This cycle repeats until a certain color is achieved and the operator is then at liberty to stop the repeating cycle.

If you need a timing cycle that isn’t in our library already, please call us and we can create it.

Production cycle timers made simple.