The TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, ALARM and DATA-LOGGER monitors tank temperature.  Warns of temperature deviations while keeping a 50-year record of your data.

Temperature Alarm and Data-logger


  • LOUD Buzzer volume is 103dB with warbling tone – it will be heard over plant noise.
  • Waterproof. Suitable for washdown duty.
  • Intended to control heater solenoids but will control small heaters to 10A.
  • Datalogging – 50 year data storage.
  • Convenient USB data download.
  • Dual display of process temp. and setpoint.
  • Battery backup.
  • Tank Shutdown and heat-up mode built in.
  • Auxilliary relay output.
  • Built-in power failure alarm.
  • Broken cable detection alarm.

Temperature Alarm with built-in data-logging.  Simple stack-LED indication if temperature is in range while logging a temperature reading every 2 minutes. Retrieve the data with a flash drive.

When the temperature is outside the limits you set, the unit produces an alarm with a LOUD warbling buzzer and a flashing beacon LED. Pressing the green pushbutton silences the buzzer, while the LED continues to flash as a warning that the temperature is not OK. If the temperature is not corrected after 60 minutes then the buzzer sounds again with the “snooze alarm” enabled.

Alarm set-points can be either a fixed high and low, or a deviation from the set-point. (further discussion in the instruction video, and also in the printed instructions)

Battery Backup
If power fails, the TCAD-2 alerts with an alarm.  It will run from battery until the battery runs out which is about 12 hours, or to preserve battery life, you can select to have it run for only 2 hours before it shuts down.  The battery voltage is checked every 12 hours and the TCAD-2 gives a separate alarm if battery needs replacement.

Optional modes

1. SNOOZE ALARM – we recommend leaving this enabled so that after any alarm is silenced it will remind you again in 60minutes.

2. RELAY OUTPUT DELAY – the relay output is for connection to PLCs or building alarm systems, heat control, etc.. The relay output can have a 15 minute delay.
3. BATTERY ON/OFF – The unit comes with a battery as standard but it can be disabled so there will not be a battery check every 12 hours. (it will still run from a backup battery if installed, it just won’t do a voltage check every 12 hours)
4. MASTER/SLAVE option is for multiple units wired together so they can all be put in idled or put in “active” mode by pressing a single button on the master box.

Tank Shutdown
For tanks that will be shut down periodically, the TCAD-2 makes this convenient pressing the red button. When this happens, the buzzer will not sound persistently but is limited to only short chirps to notify you of status changes. When the tank is ready to put back into service, press the green button: the temperature alarm knows that the tank is cold and will need time to get up to temperature so the buzzer does not alarm right away. Instead, the buzzer chirps when the desired temperature range has been reached.  After that, the buzzer will sound if temperature strays out of range. Throughout all of this this stack lights continue to indicate if temperature is in or out-of range, and data collection continues.

Relay Alarm Output
A relay output is available for connection to a building alarm or dialer. This output can be delayed 15 minutes with a setting on the PCB. (to give the operator a chance to correct the problem before emergency services might be called)  2 amps, N.O. or N.C.

Integrated Liquid Level Alarms
There are inputs for two float switches.  If the liquid level falls below an upper float switch, an alarm is given on a the blue stack light. (and buzzer)  If the second liquid level is reached, then the relay output is disabled.

Simple to Install
Everything is set up at the factory so you can immediately test it just by plugging it in. The only further setup needed is to set the exact temperature alarm limits you want.    Video instructions here  Thermocouple and backup battery are included.

TDAC-1 Inside View

Exporting the data is done by plugging a flash drive which will download the current and previous month of data.  If more data is needed, remove the micro-SD card on the circuit board for a complete history.

USB Data for Tank Temperature Alarm

Shown in the table below are the variables that are recorded.  From left to right: Date, Time, System status (OK or fault) Liquid Level (OK or Not) Thermocouple sensor  (OK or not) the temperature Set Value, Present Value (measured value) and the Alarm Status.  All of these are recorded every 2 minutes.

Data Logging Temperature Controller
Temperature and Liquid Level Alarm

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Controller,  Alarm, Datalogger
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10 ft cable length standard

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