Long Range Capacitance Alarm

Capacitance Alarm tip
Long Range Capacitance Level Alarm


We have developed a new technology that allows our capacitance sensors to operate with a much longer range. In addition they will tolerate an exceptional ½” of coating or sludge over the sensing tip.  This long range capacitance alarm works in extremely challenging liquids that coat or crystallize and give other types of sensors problems.

The key is the addition of a glass tip to shed liquid away from the sensing element instead of letting it accumulate on the flat tip. Because residual liquid is directed a distance away from the sensing element, we can dial the range way up. As a result, the sensor can detect through ½ inch of any material buildup. This makes it perfect for tanks that crystallize, or sludge.


The only wetted parts are the pipe material, (polypropylene for example) and silica glass. The glass is generally more resistant to chemicals than the polypropylene. The only exception is HF which will attack glass, and for this we have other special measures – please talk to us for more detail on these. The resulting sensor is easy to clean because the surfaces are very smooth.

For more detail, here is a link to the main web page for the long range capacitance sensor. It includes video demonstrating how it resists coating with paint.

Finally, this extended range capacitance sensor can be sued with any of our level products like our tank alarms and level controllers.