On delay timer – mode 10

This mode is an on-delay cycle used with our electrical line-powered timers that allows an on-delay time to be added easily.  The relay comes on after the delayed part of the cycle, and everything resets automatically and the end of the cycle.


The delay is set by pressing all 3 buttons simultaneously and waiting for the display to flash.  Once it does,  the timer is ready to accept the delay time.  After a couple of seconds the LCD display will flash again to signal that the delay time has been registered.  The timer is ready to start a cycle at this point.  When the cycle is started, the dots on the time display will flash to signal that the delay part of the cycle is counting. When the delay is over, the buzzer sounds for two seconds, and the countdown begins as usual with the LCD display indicating the countdown, and the relay changes state.  When the countdown is over the buzzer sounds for two seconds and the relay resets automatically.


The relay can be set to N.O. or N.C. by landing the hot wire on different terminals. The default is N.O.

There are two sets of buttons to set the time –  external or internal buttons.  Sometimes easy adjustment of the time is not wanted, (to prevent tampering) so the external buttons can be disconnected, or eliminated with the T8 version.

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