Loud Buzzer Volume Tests

Ultra Loud buzzers

The standard piezo buzzer we use has an SPL (sound pressure level) rating of 103dB at 2 feet distance. This is quite loud – like a smoke alarm, and definitely uncomfortable to be near. However, since our products go into really noisy factories, we have been told that even at the noice level, the buzzer too quiet. So we have responded by offering what we call our “ultra loud” buzzers.

Sound and Volume Background

We must begin by defining what volume means exactly. Volume is measure on the decibel scale of sound pressure level). (SPL) This is a logarithmic scale whereby the acoustic energy doubles for every 3dB increase in volume. The human ear attenuates so it is not good at mearuring volume. However when we are talking about buzzers that are meant to signal an alarm, this is the only thing that matters! So there are a couple of other elements that must be considered. These are the frequency. Lower frequencies carry further and so are ‘louder’ at great distances. Also, alternating tones are more noticeable to humans, which is why ambulances and other signaling applications employ sweeping, or beeping tones. Super technical discussion here.

Ultra Loud Buzzer Tests

High volume BUZZER

We have offered our “siren buzzer” for a couple of years now. The siren buzzer produces 118dB at 2 ft which is extremely loud. However, it does not have a stainless steel diaphragm, and so will at risk of corrsion when used on a plating line. It could be mounted away from the tanks and it should be just fine, but this means having to run wires from the plating area to connect to it. Also, the siren buzzer has a diameter of 50 mm [2″] which does not fit in our standard enclosures. Finally, it does not have a threaded nut to allow easy mounting through the walls of our enclosures.

To address these concerns, we developed an ultra loud buzzer, model SP-1316. It is louder than our standard buzzer by 8 dB! (according to the first section on SPL background, this is more than 4x louder) If the standard buzzer was known as a “very loud” buzzer, then the only name that makes sense for the SP-1316 is to call it an ultra loud buzzer. Bench testing of the SP-1316 buzzer shows that it not only increases the SPL from 103dB to 111db, but also produces this volume at a lower frequency which carries further. This feature make is comparable to the siren buzzer in factory settings.

ULTRA LOUD SP-13161111700

The SP-1316 is available by special order from our components page. Please contact our sales.