Reliable, durable liquid level alarms and timers.  

About Gizmo Engineering

Gizmo Engineering creates unique, durable, and foolproof liquid level controls meant to simplify liquid level and timing.   Our products were born in the electroplating industry where everything is continually exposed to acid and caustic mists and splashes. To survive this harsh environment, we have built our products from the ground up to survive this demanding environment.  We are the experts in drum level sensing.



We utilize battery power extensively because its uninterruptible, and faster to install.  Low-power circuits give years of operation on a single battery.  


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Better than is has to be…

  • Teflon float switches because they’re impervious to almost any chemical.
  • Float switches are protected inside a “float guard”. 
  • Two year warranty.

Process Control


Our products fill missing needs that all help to control your processes.

Some of our customers...

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