Timer with Mini Tower Light

Introducing our latest timer innovation – the rugged, waterproof, corrosion-proof, mini tower-light timer.  The most compact tower light timer we know of.  The enclosure measures only 5 x 5 inches.  At home in tough industrial environments.

The operation is as follows: after pressing the start button the green LED indicates the timing cycle is underway.  The amber LED indicates an early warning that the end of the cycle is near.  When the countdown is over, the red LED lights up along with the loud buzzer.  

This is a option added to our standard T5 timer.  See the T5 product webpage for complete breakdown of all the timing modes available.  Some of the modes included:

  • on-delay
  • machine hours totalizer
  • run-time totalizer
  • repeat cycle
  • early warning
  • Auto-off
  • count-up or count down
  • machine-triggered timing
  • a spray-rinse cycle developed specifically developed for the plating industry.

Available with 2 or 3-LED tower lights (model T5-S3 for three lights, or model T5-S2 for two lights.

The T5-S3 timer is AC powered, IP65 waterproof rating, has a relay output through the piggyback plug, and like all our products, comes with a two year warranty.

Factory timer with stack l ight
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