RINSE TANK TIMER automatically flushes plating rinses.

rinse tank timer


A Better Rinse Tank Timer…

  • Loud warbling alarm easily pierces through the loudest loud industrial plant noise.
  • Waterproof. All parts are NEMA 4X rated. Built for rugged industrial service.
  • Relay output 15A will control 1/2 HP motors, solenoids, heaters.
  • Time is easily adjustable.


  • Compact -only 4×4 inches.
  • Rinse tank control with a timer easier and more reliable than with a conductivity controller. See NMFRC magazine article.

When your plating rack is dipped into a tank, press the button to  start the countdown.  When the set time  counts down,  the buzzer sounds and the front button flashes.  When the operator shuts off this alarm, a rinse cycle is automatically started for the set time.  After the set time the solenoid closes automatically and the timer is ready for the next cycle.  


The dip time and rinse times are set with rotary DIP switches.

The solenoid can open either after the rack is removed, or when the rack enters the tank. (see chart in the tab below for the exact behavior of the operating modes) 


A piggyback plug with 10 ft cord is provided to plug in your solenoid valve. Alternatively, we can supply the solenoid valve pre-wired to the timer with 10 foot cord standard.  The order box below offers Asco Red Hat because it is very moreorless an industry standard, but more economical is the Brand US Solid which is by request.

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Timer T2


With 10 ft cord.
Pipe size
Buzzer Volume Control

Sometimes our buzzers are too loud.  Snap-on “muffler” reduces the volume by 20 db and anywhere in between just by rotating the slots. [V-1]     $6