Digital Timer for the Dairy Industry

A timer developed for wet environments, the T4 timer is a standard in plating production.  We have adapted this timer specifically for the dairy. 


After the operator presses the front button to start the countdown, the red beacon light illuminates briefly, and then the timer counts down.  There is an early warning feature you can set so the milking parlor personnel get an advance warning before the timer counts all the way to zero. When the count reaches zero, the beacon LED flashes.

Programming the time is done from the inside with a simple up/down button. (like a kitchen timer)  


The LED is positioned on the bottom of the timer so the cows cannot see it, and are not disturbed. There is also no buzzer on this model, again so as not to disturb the cows.  Iin addition, we protect the pushbutton with a silicone seal. We have tested this seal to a depth fo 3 feet of water with leaks. Even teat dip won’t get past it.  The timer mounts with two sturdy mounting lugs.  Believe it or not, acrylic adhesive tape is a viable mounting means. (tapes today are not your father’s tape) Also, we can equip the timer with rare earth magnets which will stick well to 18-8 grade stainless. (but not 316 grade)