pH MONITOR WITH BUILT-IN ALARM lets you know if pH gets out of  range.


Industrial pH Monitor and controller

  • Loud alarm buzzer. 103dB warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Stack Light Indicator. Green when in range. Red when out-of range. Yellow when making additions.

  • Waterproof, corrosion proof enclosure is meant for tough industrial environments.

  • Easy installation – just mount on the wall.

  • RS485 output. Record pH data to a computer or SCADA.
  • 4-20mA output. Record data to an external device.

  • Especially suitable for industrial waste water.


FINALLY, A pH MONITORING SYSTEM WITH AN ALARM INCLUDED – not just an “output” that needs electronics work to make it function, but ready out-of-the-box to start monitoring industrial effluents. However, its more than an alarm only, its a fully featured controller as well that controls both high and low pH adjustment.  Because its a complete system, it takes the worry out of something as important as wastewater pH.


An important detail of the pH monitoring system is that the pH alarm points  are different from the pH control points. this way you don’t get an alarm every time there is a routine addition.

Although the pH is shown on the front display,  the pH monitor makes it easy to see the status at a glance with the stack light display. The green stack light indicates “OK”, while the red LED indicates “pH out of range”, and the yellow stack light illuminates when a pump is active.

An additional feature is the convenient buttons on the side of the enclosure that activate the pumps manually. This is useful for priming pumps, calibrating, observing flow, or just emptying a drum.

Installation consists of these easy steps:

  1. Mount the pH monitor enclosure.
  2. Set desired alarm points, and control points.
  3. Plug your pumps into the dangling pigtail outlets.
  4. Calibrate.


When a pH alarm sounds, it is easy to silence the buzzer with the front button. (no sorting through complicated submenus in the module) After silencing, the buzzer will sound again in 30 minutes if the pH is not corrected. This is the suggested behavior in the default mode, but if you prefer there are other buzzer behaviors built in. 

The pH monitor comes complete with everything, including an industrial pH probe. 

To make sure the alarm is heard, the buzzer volume is 103dB – like a smoke alarm.

The enclosure ingress protection rating is IP65 (wash down duty) so you don’t have to worry if its being treated tenderly.

The pH monitor also comes ready with two data logging outputs.  The first is a 4-20mA output is ready to be connected to a simple data logger. Secondly, there is also an RS485 digital output that is ready to connect to a computer or SCADA system.

For more, see main product webpage for complete information including product videos.


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