20 year battery

Pur new 20-year battery has double the life of our old one.  2400 mA-hours.  The shelf life or life-in-service is 20 years.  All Gizmo alarm devices consume very little passive current on the order of 10µA which is insignificant.  However when our units are actively alarming, the current consumption is approximately 25mA so this must be considered when estimating how long a battery might last.

Because this is a liquid chemistry (Lithium Thionyl Chloride) this is the obvious choice for cold temperatures.  Our pack of three cells in series provides an initial voltage of 10.8V which is a further advantage for cold conditions.

Cold temperatures reduce the ion exchange rate of all batteries and so a liquid chemistry preserves operating capacity well below -40ºC.

Link to XENO XL-060F battery cell TDS

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