Capacitance Level Alarm

Capacitance sensor tank alarm

Our newest sensor is a non-contact sensor developed for solutions where float switches won’t work reliably: dirty, scaling, salting, coating, or otherwise fouling liquids.  No moving parts.  

Although non-contact, the sensing distance is only 10 mm so its likely that the sensing surface will be in contact with the liquid.  That’s OK because these capacitance sensors units are not affected by deposits of scale. up to approximately 10 mm.  If the unit is covered in a very thick deposit, it will go into alarm for fail-safe behavior. 


Because the capacitance sensor draws power these can’t be powered by battery for long – we recommend line power. (120VAC or 12VDC typically)

The sensing surface is PBT  (polybutylene terepthalate)  or ABS.   PTFE units available by request – please call us for these applications.

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