Capacitance Level Alarm

Capacitive Sensor Tank Alarm

Our newest sensor is a non-contact sensor developed for difficult solutions where other sensors won’t work reliably: dirty, scaling, salting, coating, or otherwise fouling liquids.    

The capacitive sensor can tolerate deposits of salt, scale, dirt, or other fouling substances and the response in not affected.  If the deposit gets too thick (4-6 mm) the sensor will fail safe.  In this worst case scenario the alarm will simply fail to reset after the fault has been cleared and this is a cue for the operator to clean the sensor face.

Although non-contact, the sensing distance is only 10 mm so its likely that the sensing surface will be in contact with the liquid so chemical compatibility should be considered.  The sensing surface is PBT  (polybutylene terepthalate) which has similar chemical resistance as PVC.  For applications where chemical attack is a concern, please contact us for solutions where we encapsulate the sensor face.


Because the capacitance sensor draws power continuously, these are line-powered from 12 VDC, 24 VDC or AC power.

The sensor pipe is chemical-grade polypropylene.  PVC enclosure is rated IP65.